Leiva sweeps very independent Bahia sound day

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August 13, 2023

Updated 10:23am

he Shengri Bay It raised a lot of anticipation, especially among a more independent audience. Leiva was the headliner as he basked in his last few concerts before taking a hiatus from the music business. First, as an opening act, dalton brothers They are prophets in their land. The actions of the island group heated up the atmosphere.

Gradually, the Bahia Strait area was crowded with people who came to visit rewa.An on-screen countdown marks the remaining time until the concert starts on the tour when you bite your lip.Very punctual, he came to the stage to translate murder With his characteristic hat and guitar. Leyva likes to play in the silence and with the audience singing, and from the very beginning there is a complicity between stage and track.

In his first words to the public, he expressed admiration: “How lucky you are, what a beautiful light,” before going on to reflect on his recording career, whose songs include world war, raindrops into shoes, extremely cruel anyone breaking Bad. In another moment during his address to the public, he pledged his gratitude to those who bought tickets to watch the live music. «It’s our job to make this priceless ticket», he added by way of a statement of intent. Of course he said it, and while his strength was waned with gastroenteritis, he wouldn’t have been noticed if he hadn’t spoken up.

arrow and hysterical Introducing the sound of the last disc.not lost TelephoneReva’s theme for the soundtrack to the film of the same name, for which he won the 2018 Goya Award for Best Original Song.

Also have time to recall his beginnings Lazy. how do you have it and north star They arrived hand in hand with nostalgia and sang loudly, which was highly recognized by the participants.In fact, during the performance, he once asked for a clap for the waiters because “I love seeing the workers sing and dance.” Leiva has since faced the concert’s final stage Do not worry about me and like you’re gonna die tomorrowa passionate anthem, on his album Nuclear.

Finally, returns to Pereza with two songs that marked the band’s career the princesses and Madame madrid The second show of the night ended with a successful audience satisfaction.

The event then moves to the auxiliary stage, where the DJ entertains the crowd while the necessary work is done on the main stage to receive long live sweden. While not everyone held out until the Murcia band left, they enjoyed the good vibes with the audience during the show and didn’t succumb to the exhaustion of the venue’s long afternoon of music.In the end, the bravest enjoyed second A great public success at the closing of the Bahia Gulf Days.

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