Leo and Taurus are still at risk of getting bold

Even in today’s horoscope, Wednesday, August 2, 2023, the tension from yesterday’s Full Moon in Aquarius is still strong. Jupiter trine Mars and Mercury opposing Saturn remain. Today’s lucky sign is Aries, and the unlucky one is Taurus.

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Horoscope for todayWednesday, August 2, 2023, and step-by-step predictions for love, work and luck: that’s what the stars have prepared for us on this day.

Here we are in today’s horoscope, Wednesday, August 2, 2023, returning from yesterday’s full moon in Aquarius. Even today, the Moon is in Aquarius, and we still cannot say that we have gotten rid of the desire to say what we feel and experience unbridled emotions.

lucky sign Aries today while bad taurus sign.

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For you, pleasure and duty should really be one with Venus and the Moon, who push you to always choose what gives you pleasure. Just like the noble Sgarbi, who decides to meet the city council of Arpino, the city of which he is mayor, right in the pool to cool off these days when the temperature is really hot. You are very unconventional by nature.

Love: a hot moment of the day under the sheets.
Job: You would be the perfect digital nomad.
Health: you always feel at ease, especially in a swimsuit.
Tip of the day: display Indian sarongs of bright colors by the sea.
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Forget about all the sentimental turmoil when the Moon is still crooked and focus on your great abilities and that pinch of luck that Jupiter is always ready to offer you. I warn you that on the island of Elba they are looking for general practitioners who are offered excellent salaries and even food, a gym and a free umbrella. Since lately you can no longer tolerate anyone in your environment, this would be a great opportunity for a “fresh start”.

Love: You have the same self-confidence as Calimero.
Job: you are a real genius, it’s time to force yourself to be respected.
Health: the body is top notch, even if you haven’t noticed it yet.
Tip of the day: put on a very comfortable pair of Friulian shoes that are now legal for going to the office.
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Of course, the way to make you work is to let you play today that you are well received thanks to the Moon. Having Mercury against you is a really big headache because it has completely eliminated, like acetone, your nail polish. However, you may be interested in the joystick used in the operating room in Turin to eliminate kidney stones. Given the enthusiasm, I immediately warn you that this requires a diploma, specialization and years of practice in this field.

Love: come out all beautifully pomaded ready to conquer.
Job: you need to distract yourself, like kittens from a ball of yarn.
Health: your record for this evening is to go around all the bars in the area.
Tip of the day: Eat a boiled potato before going outside because it seems like a great way to get a “good” alcohol intake.
Vote 6 and a half


You have a real business acumen, Mercury and Jupiter are also on your side. After all, most likely, you were one of the first who invested in the paintings of the artist “Pigkasso”, a famous pig artist who today sells his work for hundreds of thousands of dollars. You are very good at growing your bank account.

Love: ten hot minutes is enough for you to archive your daily practice.
Job: you are more diligent at work than Scrooge McDuck.
Health: you are methodical and like an athlete who is preparing for a competition.
Tip of the day: when you are at sea, swim at sunset.
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a lion

I know you claim that you will always be the center of attention. And how can you blame yourself now when you have Venus in your sign and you are insanely cool. However, you must find a “good match” because the Moon in opposition can make you exaggerate, like a 28-year-old Livorno resident who parks his car on the beach and now has to pay a huge fine. Be very careful right now because your finances are already tied into your super cool influencer style vacation.

Love: there is a crowd of admirers at your door.
Job: Watch out for off-budget “rates”.
Health: Are you ready for a selfie by the pool?
Tip of the day: Show off your teenage outfits that could be back in fashion.
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You have the opportunity to confront Saturn against a prehistoric worm that has been in cryptobiosis for about fifty thousand years, just discovered in Antarctica. You are endowed with great strength and logical ability with Mars and Mercury right in your sign, so much so that you can perfectly contain uncertainty and paranoia, like a tamer with his tigers. Nothing scares you at all.

Love: Impossible to resist your undeniable charm.
Job: a couple of calls are enough for the whole office to immediately queue up, like a lifeguard with uselessly screaming children at the water’s edge.
Health: without training, you still do twenty thousand steps a day.
Tip of the day: with all this courage, diving off a cliff is a must.
Vote 7 and a half


You absolutely do not need to stage apocalyptic catastrophes, like a latecomer who, in order to catch a plane already ready for takeoff, invented the threat of a planted bomb at the Pisa airport, blocking the airport for several hours. For you who have Venus on your side as well as the Moon on your side, your wonderful presence is enough and the red carpet rolls out immediately. Also wait for the airport manager who will personally escort you to your seat and the flight attendants who will offer you a glass of champagne offered by the airline. You have the real ability to get whatever you want.

Love: You are the wet dream of all your former classmates.
Job: Your target hits it perfectly, as if you were playing darts.
Health: you are brighter and more hypnotic than today’s moon.
Tip of the day: put on your favorite dress, even if you don’t have big plans at the moment.
Vote 7 and a half


To release all the negative vibes of the crooked moon, you should go to a Taylor Swift concert, where her fans now have the habit of creating a “Rapid Quake”, that is, by jumping together, they cause “micro” seismic activity. . With Mars by your side, you can be just the right element to turn things around and start a great pandemonium just the way you like it.

Love: to give yourself only on the physical level is now too obvious.
Job: You plan your next moves like a real game of chess.
Health: your training is not interrupted even under heavy and tropical rain of this period.
Tip of the day: buy a ticket to the next Taylor Swift concert now, of course.
Vote 6-


You have the opportunity to joke about all the hitches of Saturn and Mercury against the likes of Cecco Zalone, who fills the hall with roaring laughter in Piazzola sul Brenta, saying that the reception in Padua was not the warmest, considering that he was robbed and thieves even left no panties. You should always focus on irony, letting go of all your needs for the perfect idyll.

Love: I warn you that “Prince Charming” is out of production.
Job: The best exchange of opinions always takes place over a good plate of spaghetti and a glass of good wine.
Health: Compete with the young lifeguard of the Lido.
Tip of the day: Take only the essentials for the journey.
Vote 7-


You have to be very careful about challenging yourself without following your directions carefully, because with Mars in your favor, you are ready to beat everyone. Just like Cardi B, who, when her fans throw beer when she asks for water to cool down, responds with a “mic toss” – a gesture she seems to love. You do not allow any deviation from the topic that you have decided, proposed and approved.

Love: you make requests that are too precise, you must release the handbrake.
Job: You are a real general leading the shock troops.
Health: Do not waste more than three seconds.
Tip of the day: to relax, put away all the things that you do not use in the house.
Vote 8


With this wonderful Moon in your sign, you feel like a better person than Sting, who will return to Milan in December to sing his greatest hits. Enjoy this moment of seeming calm from Venus and Jupiter, who leave you 24 hours to rekindle your desire for love adventure and give yourself crazy joy. By now, you are very good at taking advantage of those moments of respite, such as weekends in the country, for those who will be working during August.

LoveA: You definitely want to eat it.
JobA: You should not exercise more than the standard eight hours a day.
HealthA: You are really Mr. good humor.
Tip of the day: today you absolutely can not get lost in useless discussions.
Vote 6 and a half


Put aside big projects like reading all the books that Dune was based on, which is six novels, because with Mercury, for the time of maximum concentration, it is enough to look through the gossip magazines. You are very aware of the status of VIP relationships, such as the constant taunting of the Ferranez couple who are rumored to be separated at home, even if Chiara vehemently denies it on social media. You can even organize a daily meeting with the latest news in the cafe after lunch.

Love: You are the perfect audience.
Job: you fit perfectly into the slow summer time.
Health: when in doubt, always happy to take a nap.
Tip of the day: always remember that a secret is called such because it is not entrusted to anyone.
Vote 6

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