Leo and Taurus can let themselves go a little too much

With today’s horoscope, Friday 23 June 2023, begins the quadrature between two physical and energetic planets, Mars and Uranus. The quadrilateral, which will last a few days, indicates tension and a tendency to explode, going without a break.

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today’s HoroscopeSign-by-sign predictions on love, work and luck for Friday 23 June 2023, and for all zodiac signs.

Mars and Uranus are starting to collide today. Both are energetic, electric planets, always ready to explode, and may just happen. So steady nerves and deep breaths, okay??

Today’s Moon will split into two distinct signs as it will be in Leo in the morning while it will enter Virgo at lunchtime. For this lucky sign will be Capricorn and bad sign Pisces, but only in the mornings.

Horoscope for summer 2023


Your desire to roll under the covers borders on the wildest and most improbable fantasies, with Mars unleashing your creativity into freestyle moves and tricks. Just like Al Pacino, who became a father again at age 83. You do not fear the passage of time because passion consumes you like a holy fire.

Dear You are never satisfied.
Work You are always ready to raise money like a Las Vegas casino.
Health: You find yourself front row at the group dances in the holiday villages.
tip of the Day: Buy an inflatable for fun at the beach.
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Instead of always blaming Venus and Mars on you, you must learn to be the engine of your own happiness. You find the most unimaginable excuses, just like Sweden is blaming the Beyoncé concert in the capital to justify the country’s inflation. As Moon suggests today, you should become more responsible.

Dear: It is more annoying than those mosquitoes which bite at night without any problem.
Work: You want the rules to be followed, even if they don’t make sense.
Health: Being right in principle will not give you any satisfaction. understood?
tip of the Day: It’s about photos from last summer.
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You are certainly guided by great intellect thanks to Mercury, but also good-hearted, Venus prompts you to embrace the collective that includes obnoxious neighbors on the third floor. Just like Johnny Depp, who has decided to donate the million dollar compensation he received from ex Amber Heard to four charities. You are truly loved for your big heart.

Dear: You feel it pure, complete and lifelong.
Work: When in doubt, Wikipedia also consults you.
HealthYou’re funnier than the only entertaining comedy show out there!
tip of the Day: Remember all the best Silvio Berlusconi jokes.
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You are as stern as the tram controller who prints the fine in advance when he discovers that someone is a sly person without a ticket. You demand rigor and discipline, Saturn forces you to ‘cube’ every morning as soon as you wake up. In fact, you’re the perfect sign to stand guard on the pink beach at Budelli, and whistle like a referee every time a boat jumps off the little boat, even just to cool off.

Dear: Always arrive at least five minutes before the appointment.
Work: You are in charge of inflexible processes.
Health: Do some stretching to properly stretch your back.
tip of the Day: Watch the entire ‘Godfather’ trilogy with only two pee breaks.
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Love is really booming with Venus and even Mars in your sign. However, you should watch Jupiter against it, and to enjoy it you should make your partner sign a good prenuptial contract, such as the one between Georgina Rodríguez and Cristiano Ronaldo. A little self-love is necessary!

Dear: Anytime is a good time to have sex with your partner.
Work: You are absolutely unbeatable. Like I’ve always been dealt four aces.
Health: Make all movie and TV stars combined to envy you.
tip of the Day: Buy a pair of fabulous heels studded with Swarovski crystals.
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For your deep need for confidence, with Saturn and Mercury facing a serious challenge against you, you should try the Red Nail Theory. Indeed, it seems that wearing red nails boosts mood and courage. Try it now in all shades of red! Let yourself be inspired by the moon in your zodiac sign (at noon) for the color tip that suits you the most!

Dear: Close your eyes and throw yourself without thinking!
Work: Always try to cooperate with ‘good and good’ colleague.
Health: Goblin Mode Summer Edition Unleash your super sexy side.
tip of the Day: When you wake up in the morning, give a beautiful smile and laugh your heart out.
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I bet you’re already rubbing your hands at the news of the Sussexes’ impending split, because you’d think two big, luscious fish are about to be caught soon. With Mars and Venus on your side, you are very sensitive to love and, above all, to rituals of conquest and intercourse. Obviously there are various achievements to be explored in order to apply your already limitless knowledge on the subject.

Dear You can write at least ten manuals on this topic.
Work You make a unique mix of sex and power.
Health: You are extremely gymnastic for nights of crazy sex where you need a lot of resistance in addition to flexibility.
tip of the Day: Keep a bottle of bubbly by the refrigerator for a few impromptu meetings.
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Now that you have Mars, Venus, and even Jupiter up against you, you’re pretty sure that Stephen Hawking’s theory of the end of the universe is really happening. Don’t be too disheartened because finally your personal foundation is really solid, thanks to Saturn supporting you and the Moon also cheering you up this evening. So let off steam on a Law & Order-style judge with objections and some remedial, well-placed middle fingers.

Dear: You were defeated in the first round.
WorkHere you can have fun as a jammer.
HealthLike Jerry Cella during the Christmas holidays, your motto is: I’m not pretty, I like myself!
tip of the Day: This movie is about ‘Taste of Salt’.
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Fortunately, you have physical strength and beauty because of Venus and Mars, which always keep you standing like a rocking doll. With Mercury in opposition and a waning Moon, you are a real mouthful who falls for any joke, even the one made with pizza by DJ Angelo at Party Like a Deejay. I suggest that you always do all necessary checks like litmus test in maths.

Dear: With just one kiss you already dream of orange blossom and Mendelssohn’s march.
Work: With you we talk only about holidays and aperitifs.
HealthYou are fantastic at swimsuit fitting, there should be no doubt about it.
tip of the Day: Refresh sarongs to pack.
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When it comes to surprising statistics, you’re always the sign best informed by the facts, as today’s Moon inspires you to follow your passion. I am sure you are familiar with Gustav Klimt’s latest painting ‘Woman with a Fan’ which was auctioned for millions of dollars. With Jupiter on your side you can’t wait to invest your savings well to see them multiply and you can allow Pantetti to display the museum’s works in full view in the dining room.

Dear: If it were the size of a banknote, it would be love at first sight.
Work: After sending pro-forma invoice you start a serious approach.
Health: only the five star luxury hotel service you would expect.
tip of the Day: Take part in an online auction.
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Fish house

You are always a real intelligent person, Mercury tickles your mind and inspires brilliant ideas. Just like the idea of ​​artificial intelligence recapturing John Lennon’s voice to create the latest Beatles song ‘Now and Then’. You have a technical mind and you are always capable of big projects.

Dear: You currently have no rules to play the game.
Work: You can apply for all announcements and contests with the certainty of getting the most.
Health You need at least two afternoon naps to wake up for dinner.
tip of the Day: Put your phone on mute to do some tech detox.
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Deep down, even with the crooked Moon and Mercury against you, which give you an air of being totally attuned to what happens in the world, you’re a real softie. In fact, you almost cried when you saw the video of Vasco joking around with his granddaughter at the Bologna concert. Sweets remain irresistible to you.

Dear: You like to believe in great love even when everything tells you it doesn’t exist.
Work: You prefer to be called a ‘visionary’, even though you are not very well aware of what that means.
Health: Comfort above all else, even if it’s at the expense of style.
tip of the Day: To remove air from the heels, take a foot bath with coarse salt.
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