Leon Bridges and John Mayer join in the relaxing song “Inside Friend”


By joining the group of artists who found in the quarantine a good time to launch music, the iconic soul Leon Bridges has launched a new rolita titled “Inside Friend” in collaboration with John Mayer. With this song, Bridges hopes to raise the spirits of the people in these difficult days.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Speaking about the song, Bridges said: “The concept of” Inside Friend “came out of Mayer and I joking in the studio about the appointment ideal for an introvert, or home as I”. After he shared his idea of an appointment is ideal. “I toured the greater part of the year, so I prefer to invite a girl to relax comfortably at home instead of going out to some crowded place”.

Bridges also explained that “Inside Friend” took a long to cast, because he felt that “did not fit within the context” his latest release, but recently felt “globally bound” to share it. “I hope that people find it relaxing and stimulating while we hide inside and we overcome this”added the singer.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

As a true altruist, Bridges decided that all the money raised from the song is destined to MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund, a project created by The Recording Academy to help musicians and professionals affected by the global pandemic.

On the other hand, Bridges will also appear in the new web series from Mayer Current Mood. This web series is the stated Mayer to be close to all of your fans (for there until Jennifer Aniston). Fans can tune in to hear the duo discuss the new collaboration through the Instagram of Mayer on April 12. In the meantime, you can listen here: