Leon Bridges features single unpublished along to John Mayer


Leon Bridgespublishes “Inside Friend” with John Mayer. This single particular, that is not tied to an album or part of a larger project, was recorded during an improvised session of jam session and study in the past year.

Says Leon Bridges: “The concept of “Inside Friend” came out of Mayer and I joking in the studio about the date ideal for an introvert or a person’s home just like me. I’m on tour most of the year, so I prefer to invite a girl to feel comfortable at home instead of going out to a place full of people. “Friend’s house” stayed in the background for a while because it did not fit in the context of my third project, but the current state in which we are globally forced us to dig up this and finish it. I hope that the people find it relaxing and uplifting while we hide inside and we go through this.”

“Inside Friend” is one of the many recent releases of Leon, following in the footsteps of the Texas Sun, an EP in collaboration with Khruangbin, as well as his participation in “July” of Noah Cyrus.

That sounds so “Inside Friend” available streaming, new Leon Bridges next to John Mayer.