León Gieco: seventy years, two parties and a million friends | The musician celebrated again with a concert at Tecnópolis

Leon in Technopolis. Seven decades for a lifetime. With this invitation to celebrate the round birthday of one of the most admired and beloved artists in Argentina, yesterday León Gieco returned to celebrate his seventies, this time on the Villa Martelli estate. And as had already happened at the Kirchner Cultural Center on Saturday, he did so surrounded by friends, musicians and musicians who celebrated the beauty of his songs. And also of Mothers and Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, of sons and daughters, who hugged him, thanked him, wished him to fulfill many more with this same creative force with which he continues to make records, and shared the stage with him in the final stretch. It was when the hymns sounded, intoned by everyone “Memory” and “I only ask God”, the closing of a party that followed in the exceptionally warm night through the streets of Tecnópolis, with a crowd that continued to sing and remember what they had experienced as they started on their way back.

Liliana Herrero, Luis Gurevich, Hilda Lizarazu, Claudia Puyó, Miss Bolivia, Nahuel Pennisi, the harmonica player Sandra Vázquez, Julia Zenco, Leo García, Manu Sija, Javier Calamaro, Emme, Juan Subirá, Dani Suárez and Cóndor Sbarbati from La Bersuit, were part of this second – but no less intense – part of the celebration of the 70 León. The musical direction was, again, in charge of Lito Vitale.

And they were also present at the stadium Taty Almeida, Estela de Carlotto and Delia Giovanola, as well as representatives of HIJOS and other human rights organizations. “Mothers of the Plaza, the people embrace them”, was the collective song that resounded in Tecnópolis, along with the songs of León.

The party had a lot of reunion: with León, with his songs, with the artists who interpreted them, with the experience of an event in a massive place such as the Tecnópolis microstadium, the stage of greater restrictions of the pandemic already overcome. But above all, by the party that was lived, something that brought to the memory of the bodies the moments of the great pre-pandemic concerts, with that climate of shared energy around a work that is admired and enjoyed.

With the heart in the voice

This is how themes such as “The Canterville Ghost“, in the powerful blues voice of Claudia Puyo, or the always current “From peer to peer”, what did the members of The Bersuit. They were festive moments, of cathartic reunion with the recital experience, in an audience that entered the stadium already chanting the name of Leon.

At the other extreme of emotions, the moment when Liliana Herrero interpreted, with the heart in the voice, “Every day a little” was high intensity. “Of course we celebrate, with León’s heart held high, and with the music of this country held high,” thanked the singer before receiving a long applause from the audience.

“Los salieris de Charly”. “Culture is the smile”, “Thinking about nothing”, “Five centuries the same”, “The country of freedom”, “The landing”, “Carito”, were part of a repertoire that began, passed and ended with great anthems of Argentine music. Songs that all those present were interpreted from a close and intense emotional place, very own. As with the songs we grew up with, León’s songs awaken memories, refer to moments, sensations, stages. But they also continue to sing with great power in the present tense.

He was also represented Wings World, that great and unique inclusive project that León commanded, which became a tour of the country (including a concert at Luna Park to celebrate the 20 years of this newspaper), a series and a highly awarded documentary. In this concert the plastic artist added her art Antonela Seman, who paints with his feet and throughout the show made a live painting, and was as a guest Pancho Chévez, the harmonica player and composer who, according to León, “was responsible for all that madness began.”

Present power

There are the usual songs of León. And there are the new ones, which also rang with power at the birthday celebration. Among the songs on the album that the singer-songwriter was already presenting these days, “La Amistad” sounded from the screen, which Gieco recorded with his longtime friend Gustavo Santaolalla, and in which you also remember other friends: Mercedes Sosa, Sixto Palavecino and Elpidio Herrera.

Miss bolivia She was in charge of covering another of the songs on the new album –which León did with Luis Gurevich and will present the entirety next year–: the “food rap trap” “”. In the style of “Ojo con los Orozco”, there Gieco is playing with words, but this time they are the substances in the food we eat, those that appear in the fine print on the containers. Cuties like “hydrochloride acid, thiamine mononitrate, alpha-tocopherol acetate, sodium ascorbate”.

“Thank you Miss Bolivia for singing it for me, because I don’t know how I’m going to sing it live,” joked the honoree about the difficulty of pronouncing – and rapping them – those terrifying substances. “To record it was easier because we have yeites, we cut into phrases, we gulped down a lot,” he continued in a jocular tone.

A million friends

As on Saturday at the Kirchner Cultural Center, the preview of the concert was with greetings sent to León by his friends around the world. Silvio Rodríguez, Rubén Rada and Pablo Milanés in a funny video shared, Susana Rinaldi, the jurist Baltasar Garzón, the former presidents Pepe Mujica and Rafael Correa, Víctor Hugo Morales, Graciela Borges, Ana Belén, Joan Manuel Serrat, Litto Nebbia, Taty Almeida, Estela de Carlotto, among many and many, they sent their affection to the honoree.

Diego Capusotto greeted “Juan Domingo León”. Kevin Johansen He recalled that “from said to fact, there is a lot of Gieco”. Hugo soriani, CEO of Page 12He pointed out that “the titles of León’s songs have often been newspaper titles.” And this time the greeting of Zamba – the character of PakaPaka – in the 70s. “I loved it, and my grandson Oliver surely loves it,” Leon thanked him.

León is, according to what was heard between those greetings, “the most beloved artist in Argentina”. The guy who always stood in a coherent place between work, word and action, the one who always defended just causes. The one who gave away songs that will stay forever. The one who knew how to harvest a million friends, the one who sings to friendship today. Something like this was said to him, and for that they were to thank him, all the artists and the public present. And that is why in the 70s of León the festivities multiplied, and it will continue to be celebrated.

The push for new artists

The preview of the León Gieco concert was with an opening: CIAM, Center for Research Applied to Music, was relaunched, with state-of-the-art recording and sound technology, designed to serve as a space for experimentation and recording for emerging musicians and musicians. León was appointed godfather of the room that was baptized with the name of “Mercedes Sosa”, and the special guest at the inauguration was Taty Almeida.

“I recorded in many studios around the world and I can assure you that this one is at the level of the best, you cannot believe what I found,” León praised the technical equipment of a unique quality in Latin America. “I am very happy to be the artistic godfather of a place that will be open and available to all musicians, especially those who are just starting out. It is the push that all artists, when we started, have needed,” he said.

The place will resume the functions that it had ceased to have during the previous management: it will be a research, training and training center for students and professionals linked to the world of sound, music, cinema and video games. Studio A features a room equipped with an acoustic piano and instrument amplifiers, allowing simultaneous recording of sessions and mixing in Stereo, Dolby Surround 5.1, 7.1, and Dolby Atmos. Studio B is also state-of-the-art: it allows Stereo and Immersive mixes as it is equipped with an Ambisonics system.

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