Leonardo Di Caprio invests in synthetic meat. 80,000 burgers in a cell as big as a peppercorn without killing animals

Due to the increased interest shown by magnates and Hollywood stars, we will soon be able to have burgers and juicy steaks cooked to perfection in the laboratory, thanks to stem cells taken from free cattle grazing and which will no longer be slaughtered. in slaughterhouses.

A system that, according to a study, reduces the impact on the climate by 92%. A green turning point about which Leonardo Di Caprio has been known for several years. Up to 80,000 burgers can be obtained from a stem cell the size of a peppercorn.

The Oscar-winning actor has, in fact, embarked on a path to eco-sustainability, becoming the representative of a new generation of investors united under the slogan “In Green we trust”.

Everything gration of collaboration with two top companies in the cultured meat sector, Aleph Farms and Mosa Meat. A business already listed on the Stock Exchange. The Japanese have already created the first piece of synthetic meat at Osaka University.

It is not the only “eco” cause in which the movie star is involved. Lately, Di Caprio has raised the bar and fought for the use of the bicycle service in New York City, being the promoter of the action.

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