Leonardo DiCaprio, 27, takes for a kiss: the age of the actress is to blame

Leonardo DiCaprio, problems on the set because of a kiss with an elderly actress
Leonardo DiCaprio, the actress has a problem with kissing – Photo: ANSA/GIORGIO ONORATHI (VelvetCinema.it)

Leonardo DiCaprio failed to kiss the actress during the filming of one of his famous films, and it took 27 takes to shoot the scene at its best.

Leonardo DiCaprio he is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. Indeed, it may seem that the actor one of the most professionala specialist who loves to make films and puts all his strength into one part.

However, nobody is perfectalso the handsome LA native actor had some problems on set during his career, wasting valuable time with his co-workers and co-workers.

Leonardo DiCaprio and the problem with kissing the older actress

An anecdote that perhaps not everyone knows is related to Leonardo DiCaprio and actress Joanna Lumley. The two were actually engaged on the set of the movie “The wolf of Wall Street» staged by the master Martin Scorsese. Lumley herself took care to tell what happened.

Leonardo DiCaprio, problems on the set because of a kiss with an elderly actress
Leonardo DiCaprio, that time on the set he got into trouble because of a kiss – Photo: ANSA/RICCARDO ANTIMIANI (VelvetCinema.it)

At some point in the film, the protagonist Jordan Belfortplayed by DiCaprio kiss passionately character played by Lumley. A sensual but quite normal kiss for an actor like Leonardo, who often starred in romantic films.

Lumley said that DiCaprio was very nervous on set on the day of the scene., a nervousness not usually apparent in a professional of his caliber. In fact, it seems that filming this seemingly simple scene, it took 27 takes. This is a huge number, given that a moment lasts a few seconds and no special skills are required to interpret it. However, at the heart of Leonardo DiCaprio’s problems with the Lumley kiss scene lies actress age.

Really, Joanna Lumley is 28 years older than DiCaprio. and, apparently, the actor was not ready to kiss a woman much older than him. On the other hand, even in his personal life, DiCaprio always preferred to go out and have relationships with younger women, he was rarely seen with older women. It is not surprising that among the recent girlfriends of the native Los Angeles actor would be Gigi Hadidissue of ’97 Camilla Morrone and very young Eden Polanyi.

Eventually, Leonardo DiCaprio was able to film the scene for The Wolf of Wall Street and complete filming for the movie. However, if you look closely at the scene, you can see how the kiss is pretty forced, not natural, in short, a mistake for an actor like him. Perhaps now everyone has discovered his own “kryptonite” and even a sex symbol like him doesn’t seem perfect.

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