Leonardo DiCaprio amateur series: many girlfriends in a year

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid, a joint evening at a party before the Oscars

They were once called butterflies. Because they never sat on the same flower for long. They were constantly moving from one to the other. A bit of fabulous metaphor and a bit of goliard fairy tale. But we always talk about the male ars Amatoria. On the contrary, if it were female, one word would be enough. Stroke. In this sense, times have not changed. And achievements Leonardo DiCaprio I’m one of those news stories that… always makes it to the news.

However, now that the summer is over, the actor’s personal life is still in the foreground. Everyone is talking about Leo’s girlfriends. Then I’m looking for a stable relationship. How he ignores age-restriction ridicule on social media. They also did this with George Clooney and the girl’s “contract” for two years. Then he met Love and we know how it ended. Will DiCaprio do the same? At the moment, he doesn’t seem to be going to do that.

Kissing Leonardo DiCaprio and Vittoria Ceretti in Ibiza

In the latest news, in chronological order, he is seen as the protagonist of a hot session at a club in Ibiza. In the company of the latest model she’s seen around in recent weeks, Victoria Cheretti. The two were immortalized by the paparazzi kissing passionately in the corner of the club during the summer holidays. Which the star spent entirely in the Mediterranean in the company of friends and parents.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s summer vacation began in May.

DiCaprio’s summer, which began in May with his participation in the Cannes Film Festival, where he presented his latest film. Flower Moon Assassins From Martin Scorsese. Then, thanks to a strike by American actors, his calendar was completely pushed back to a later date. In such cases, spending months in Europe is always a good idea, isn’t it?

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has been a girl-to-girl butterfly again since he was single. Here he passionately kisses the last girl immortalized next to him, Italian model Vittoria Ceretti (photo by Ansa)

Serious relationship DiCaprio

The fame of a serial amateur has haunted Leonardo DiCaprio since Titanic. Although in reality, the adult love life of the 48-year-old Oscar winner is littered with stable relationships that lasted for years. All with girls under 25, but serious stories. From historical Gisele Bundchen To Bar Refaeli. The latter, for example, the one with Camila Morronelasted 4 years.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Summer in an Amateur Series

And just the same, it all ended with the aspiring actress, the daughter of a former partner Al PacinoLeo returned to his youth. Transformation into a butterfly. This happened just a year ago. And the last 12 months have turned into an endless series of more or less real flirtations that forced him to move from America to Europe for the sake of his beauties.

The list of girls that Leonardo DiCaprio has dated over the past year is long. But the identikit is always the same: beautiful models in their twenties who want to have fun at this moment in their lives. From Gigi Hadid, in which the star raced around the world during fashion weeks, and then presented it to her parents at a romantic dinner in London this summer, until the very last moment, by Italian model Vittoria Ceretti. Moving on to the Belgian model Rose Bertramamerican model Megan RocheEnglish model Neelam Gill.

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Summer is over, Leo is back in Los Angeles. We can only wait for the next stolen frames. See how the fairy tale goes about a butterfly that could not choose which flower she liked the most.


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