Leonardo DiCaprio and his little girlfriends

“I have reached a stage in my life where Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriends they’re younger than me,” a user frustrated with his advanced age tweeted a few months ago, commenting on yet another flirtation on the part of the actor. A flirtation that has now become a real unit of measurement. For example: “How young or feel am I on a scale of one to typical DiCaprio’s girls? Jokes aside, now the tendency is towards the eternal Expensive America (now forty-eight) in the choice of flame it is generally known: the last in chronological order is the Italian model. Vittoria Ceretti, who has been dating Leo since the beginning of August and left her husband for him. And God forbid, some will say, if one of the most popular Hollywood actors, the dream of millions of millennials who grew up on bread and Titanic Today, having turned into a mysterious philanthropist, he looks at you, you drop everything and rush into his arms, right? And you enjoy the three weeks of the relationship, which seems to be the average length of the hit-and-run stories Leo has woven (with a few due exceptions, such as ex Camila Morronewith whom he spent 4 years).

Irony aside, DiCaprio’s penchant for… ideal models under 25 years old – he can’t seem to break out of that age range, and the internet has given us some great memes about it too – it’s become a joke now, even if it probably only makes you laugh because Leo is a man: if only it had a famous colleague who went through this, we would define the relationship to the other the way he does it cougar and his conquests toy boy. Leo in the media narrative is just a people-pleaser who wants to stay young at any cost and who, from the height of his power and reputation, surrounds himself with young and beautiful women simply because he can and wants to. Therefore, the list of those who are ready to do anything to spend time with him seems endless.

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Leo DiCaprio in 1995

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The writer is one of Leo’s first fans, who was obsessed with him and knew everything about his life, from his favorite dish to the origin of his Italian name (here’s Leonardo da Vinci, by the way: he threw table football while his mother Irmelin stood in front of the artist’s painting at the Uffizi in Florence, a piece of football that was later taken as a “signal”. And yes, the undersigned didn’t have to Google the joke, she still remembers everything) . In short, for Leo, given how much he has given and continues to give from a cinematic point of view, the most absolute indulgence reigns. In real life someone like him would be a living red flag; in an ideal world, however, his sentimental patterns, which led him at almost 50 years of age to never enter into a serious relationship, should be admired, and at best, good-naturedly ridiculed with a funny meme.

While The list of Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriends has been expanded What pleases the secular newspapers is that it is becoming increasingly clear that we will never see him with a wedding ring on his finger: under the weight of eternity, all his friends have collapsed – even George Clooney irresistible – but he doesn’t give up. And if in 2000 we imagined him as Prince Charming with a sincere look that could never harm us, today Leonardo DiCaprio seems more like someone we should run from to avoid getting burned, rather than American Sweetheart.

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