Leonardo DiCaprio and model Neelam Gill deny alleged flirting rumors

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Neelam Gill denies rumors of alleged love story with Leonardo DiCaprio. The Indian-born British model wanted to clear things up by posting a lengthy message on social media. Here is what he wrote.

Neelam Gill and Leonardo DiCaprio are not a couple, this is who the actor is dating

For several days now there have been rumors that Leonardo DiCaprio There is new love. Leonardo DiCaprio and Leonardo DiCaprio have been spotted together several times. model Neelam Gill They recently spent a few vacation days together on board a yacht in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, with friends.

In addition, already in recent weeks, the alleged couple has been the paparazzi both in Paris and in Saint-Tropez on the occasion of some social events. Thus, the recent shootings on a boat in Sardinia have rekindled rumors of alleged flirting between a 28-year-old actor and an Indian-British model.

However, it seems that their connection cannot be traced back to a love relationship. The portal took care of the rumors about the alleged romance of Leonardo DiCaprio and Neelam Gill. TMZ extension. According to what the gossip site reported, the actor’s recent encounters with the model were actually related to the fact that Gill is dating one of DiCaprio’s friends..

Thus, over the past few hours, it was Neelam Gill who finally silenced the gossip. Through an eloquent post posted on his Instagram Stories, the model wanted to clarify about rumors of an alleged love story with the actor. The post published by the model on social networks leaves no room for possible misunderstandings, here is how things really are:

“Just to dispel any rumors, I am not Leonardo DiCaprio’s new love.. effective, I have a serious relationship with his good friendfor many months now.”

Neelam Gill then added:

“The only reason we were photographed in the same place is because I was there with my partner.”

Finally, he ended with these words:

I hope this clears up all the false stories“.

In fact, it has been rumored for weeks now that Leonardo DiCaprio is in a relationship with another very famous model, Gigi Hadid. According to what was reported People, well-informed sources would say they are already a couple. In fact, several times DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid have been paparazzi together at parties and receptions. Here are all the details about their participation.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid together? Here’s what we know

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid were spotted together again recently. These two met in the Hamptonsfamous eastern tip of Long Island, where, according to reports, Page sixthey would spend July 4 weekend.

According to the newspaper, an anonymous source would say that the Hollywood star and model spent two nights together, and the chemistry between them was so obvious that one would assume that they are a couple.

There was chemistry between them. The way they talked to each other… you could feel the energy.” the source said.

According to rumors reported Page sixin addition, it seems that the actor and model were invited to an exclusive party, which was also attended by other famous celebrities, and the following evening they were supposed to attend a July 4th party with friends, organized by Mark Packer, the founder of the company. Tao group.

Rumors about them supposedly attendance began to spread in September last year, during New York Fashion Week. A few weeks earlier, DiCaprio ended his 4-year relationship with model Camila Morrone, and Gigi Hadid was single again for about a year after ending a love story with former One Direction member Zayn Malik, father of daughter Khai, 2. .

In February last year, Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio were spotted together at a British Vogue dinner in Milan. Only a few months later they reappeared together, first in New York with friends, and then at the Chiltern Fire Station in London, where they arrived separately.

However, according to rumors, it seems that at the moment, neither of them intends to enter into a serious relationship. In fact, due to their workload, both are forced to travel frequently, and these frequent trips make it difficult to keep attendance.

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