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After several months as the protagonist of (despite myself) gossip, Neelam Gill intervened in connection with an alleged flirtation with Leonardo DiCaprio. The British model, who was recently spotted in the company of an Oscar-winning actor in Sardinia, wanted to present her version of the facts on Instagram. Will he confirm or deny the connection with the famous Titanic star?

Neelam Gill and flirting with DiCaprio

Name Neelam Gill, The beautiful Indian-born British model was first compared to actor Leonardo DiCaprio last June. Thanks to a series of shots on a yacht in Sardinia, gossip about the alleged relationship between them has returned to the fore in recent days, reaching the ears of those directly concerned. But if the star – as usual – did not express herself, the model wanted to explain once and for all how things really are.

Nothing to do with those who hoped that the model’s exotic charm and raven-haired hair made the ice-eyed star capitulate: Neelam is not romantically involved with Leo., and why they are often spotted together can hardly be called romantic. Or at least not directly.

The model explained this with a pretty clear message on social media: “Just to clear up any rumors, I’m not Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘new flame,'” she wrote, adding, “Actually, I’m in a relationship with his good friendfor many months now. The only reason we were photographed in the same place is because I was there with my partner.” Finally, Jill was satisfied with the call: “I hope this clears up all the false stories.”

Leonardo, golden bachelor

An actor of undeniable talent, Leonardo DiCaprio is often mentioned for his undeniable passion for women, usually very young and professional models. After long relationships with Gisele Bündchen and Bar Refaeli in the 2000s, the actor amassed a long string of flirtations (many never confirmed) even with famous faces like Rihanna and Blake Lively.

The protagonist of “Inception” seemed to find serenity next to Camila Morrone, met in 2018, but the relationship collapsed after 4 years in 2022. With DiCaprio single again, the paparazzi targets don’t seem to want to give him a break, even if he doesn’t seem too upset. And after withNeelam Gill lied The gossip experts turned their attention to another prime suspect. According to insiders, Leo actually has a heart at the moment will fight for the famous podium diva.

The lucky one in question, according to the magazine Peoplewould be 28 years old Gigi Hadid: “They meet. Maybe not exclusively, but they get to know each other. This is obvious: as soon as Leo appears at the party, Gigi soon appears, ”the source told the tabloid. Given the proverbial reticence of the interpreter for The Departed, confirmation is unlikely to come. And to think that on the red carpet they will really please the eye …

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