Leonardo DiCaprio and then-Jack Nicholson terrorized him on set to make the famous scene more realistic.

In order to do his job perfectly, Jack Nicholson decided to resort to “strong methods.”

One of the most fruitful film partnerships of our time involves Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese, the former of whom worked on six directorial credits. The seventh will be released in October under the title Flower Moon Assassins. Only after the hall is vacated will fans be able to establish whether he has managed to honorably maintain profitable professional ties. However, even now it seems almost impossible that the peaks reached will be reached. Departedthe only work that brought Scorsese an Oscar.

When Jack Nicholson Really Scared Leonardo DiCaprio

Jack Nicholson terrorized Leonardo DiCaprio in The Departed - Cinematographe.it

After a long chase for the prestigious statuette, the director finally had the honor of adding the coveted award to his palms. If the film was such a success, much of the credit should be given to the actor’s convincing performance. Jack Nicholsonlike a mafia boss Frank Costello. An obsessive attention to detail, combined with a superb ability to improvise, has propelled the Hollywood star to the pinnacle of excellence.

Jack Nicholson terrorized Leonardo DiCaprio in The Departed - Cinematographe.it

In the feature film, the role of Leonardo DiCaprio Billy CostiganIrish clan undercover cop who puts a mole in the police, Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon). Among the most adrenaline-pumping scenes, viewers still remember the interrogation that Costello subjects Costigan to. To evoke a reaction of real terror in Leo, the latter said in an interview with the publication. diversity – main character shining he asked Scorsese to repeat the take the next day. He doubted that Leonardo DiCaprio really had believed to interpretation.

In front of face Titanic they blamed this decision on lighting problems. The next day, a prop man approached Leo and explained that he had received a request from Nicholson to get him a fire extinguisher, a bottle of whiskey, a lighter, and gun. Although not scripted, the gun was inserted and the reaction was as intended.

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