Leonardo DiCaprio and Vittoria Ceretti, a new couple born?

Officially Leonardo DiCaprio48 years old, single since his relationship ended. Camila Morrone. It wassummer 2022and gossip since then attributed to the star countless new flamesincluding two models: the first Megan RocheThen Gigi Hadid. Now another top model has come to the attention of the pink pages, this time Italian: la Twenty-five-year-old Vittoria Ceretti from Brescia. Reason: paparazzi Daily mail they have it surprise in Santa Barbara, California with the star. The stolen photographs, to be honest, are not the most incriminating: the two of them limited themselves to eat ice cream. But this was enough for gossip. speculate on the birth of a new couple. Moreover, Vittoria just recently revealed to the world – with the help of several videos on TikTok – that she has left her husbandDJ and visual artist Matteo Milleri (internationally famous duo Tales about us) got married in great secret in Ibiza just three years ago.

It is unknown when Leo and Vittoria met. However Daily mail claims that the two were also spotted together last May in France. Then Ceretti, again according to the British tabloid, will be very familiar with some members of the small circle of friends surrounding DiCaprio this summer 2023 (including model Megan Roche who was mentioned in rumors last June as one of the star’s new favorites). True, no, the meeting took place in a Californian ice cream shop.

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Vittoria, as in the photographs stolen from Daily mail, was wearing a T-shirt, sweatshirt and cycling shorts. Leo, always jealous of his privacy, was “disguised” baseball cap, sunglasses and mask. They left the ice cream store and walked together, chatting, to a black car. Nothing else. However, the gossip is confidently focusing on the “new couple”. If this were true, Vittoria, 25, would dispel the myth that DiCaprio leaves his girlfriends as soon as they turn 25. A myth confirmed, at least for now, by facts: Camille Moron To Bar Refaelipassing through Nina AgdalThe list of former lovers whom the star honored with a send-off on her fateful birthday is long. That Vittoria is a classic exception to the rule? To find out, we just have to wait for new developments…

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