Leonardo DiCaprio and Vittoria Ceretti together, see photos of the kiss

Vittoria Ceretti and Leonardo DiCaprio caught the paparazzi in a famous club in Ibiza during a kiss: the photos would confirm the love story, which has been rumored for several weeks.

Between Leonardo DiCaprio AND Victoria Cheretti there is something tender: in confirmation of the flirtation, the latest pictures taken in the club are circulated Ibiza, which depict their kisses. The Hollywood star and the Venetian model, now the face of the new Gucci campaign, were already together at the paparazzi a few weeks ago: after the initial rumors, now comes confirmation from photos published by the Daily Mail and now circulating the world. in social networks.

Pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio and Vittoria Ceretti kissing

After rumors that they saw them very close, a photo taken at a club in Ibiza suggests that a love story is being born between Leonardo DiCaprio and Vittoria Ceretti. The 48-year-old actor and the 25-year-old model were caught kissing at the Hi Ibiza nightclub. They had fun together at a night party, Daily writes, between smiles, kisses and hugs.

The flirtation between the two immediately sparked fans’ curiosity from the moment the first rumors surfaced: DiCaprio, before he openly spoke about Ceretti, was involved with Gigi Hadid (friend and colleague of Vittoria), according to rumors, while the model is married to Matteo Milleryworld famous DJs. Judging by the latest photos, both are currently single and ready to experience a love story.

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Flirting rumors surfaced in mid-August

Already in mid-August, Ceretti and DiCaprio were caught walking the streets of Los Angeles eating ice cream together. However, according to rumors, the Venetian model was still married. There have been no recent breakup claims from DJ Matteo Milleri, but photos of Ibiza with DiCaprio suggest the marriage is over. So the kiss would also belie the actor’s flirting with Gigi Hadid, Vittoria’s girlfriend and colleague, whose gossip has been filling the gossip pages since before the summer.

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