Leonardo DiCaprio as a child, who remembers?

Leonardo DiCaprio as a child he already had all the prerequisites to become a celebrity and certainly exceeded the expectations created over the years. In fact, he achieved such fame that he is considered one of the the most talented actors of recent yearsbut it is equally obvious that her acting skills are preceded by his aesthetic aspect.

There are many on the web picture Leonardo DiCaprio like a child, as proof of the curiosity that awakens the actor’s past, his origins and his history; such images depict a child with fair skin, straight blond hair and a mischievous smile, who will soon become a star.

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Leonardo DiCaprio in childhood: biography

For those who don’t know history DiCapriocurrently the highest paid actor in the world, he would probably be amazed to discover his humble beginnings.

Award winning actor Hollywood, does not actually belong to a rich or particularly wealthy family; rather, on the contrary, in some interviews he himself recalls the difficult moments of his life childhooddue to the lack of financial stability of the parents.

Leonardowhose name, chosen by his mother during her visit to the Uffizi in Florence when she wore it, is a tribute to the undisputed genius of the Renaissance, namely Leonardo da Vinciwas born in Los Angeles V 1974 and hence from American citizenship. Father Georgecartoonist, however, an American of Italian origin, as evidenced by the surname, and the mother Irmelin, secretary in a law firm, German; DiCaprio’s middle name, Wilhelm, is actually a recognition of his maternal grandfather.

He was only a year old when his parents divorced and Leonardo he leaves to live alone with his mother in rather dangerous conditions, moving several houses and often in bad neighborhoods where drugs, violence and prostitution are rampant. Despite this, in picture Leonardo DiCaprio like a child available on the Internet, some even when both parents appear together, smiling, you can see what a serene and happy child he was. However, as a child, a desire for redemption was born in him along with a passion for acting. On the doorstep four yearsTo DiCaprio are asked to take part in a very popular and desirable children’s TV show: Ramper numberaired from the 1950s to the 1990s, where former kindergarten teachers supervise children in various activities such as games, nursery rhymes and songs.

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s talent from an early age

In addition to the television program mentioned with children who, as absolute heroes, can highlight their artistic abilities, Leonardo DiCaprio as a child participates in various commercials.

First lead role DiCaprio it’s not in movie in the movies, but in the television series and, more precisely, Parents in blue jeansbroadcast from 1985 For seven seasons. These experiences make Leonardo DiCaprio a true child prodigy who, despite his young age, demonstrates an unsurpassed calm and ease, even when he has to play with important and accomplished actors.

That said, probably to the question How famous was Leonardo DiCaprio?, should respond with their first roles in films for the big screen. A decade of consecration of his success, without a shadow of a doubt, 90sWhen DiCaprio I had from 16 to 26 years old.

In 1993, among others, he joined Robert DeNiro V Want to start over (1993) AND Johnny Depp V Happy birthday Mr Grape (first application forOscar for Best Supporting Actor), while in 1995 gets roles in blockbusters such as: Ready to dieWith Sharon Stone AND Gene Hackman, Crazy and dangerousWith Mark Wahlberg AND Danny DeVitoAND The boys from Via Pal, based on the novel of the same name Ferenc Molnar.

V 1996, Leonardo It has 22 and masterfully plays the role Romeo Montecchi V Romeo + Juliet From William Shakespearebut the very next year he became one of the most popular and beloved actors of his generation thanks to an unforgettable performance. Jack Dawson in a colossal, absolute record of receipts, Titanic From James CameronWith Kate Winslet.

WITH, DiCaprio keep collecting successes; Among other things, the role Hugh Glass V Revenant- Revenant (2016) who gives him his first Oscar as the best actor.

Leonardo DiCaprio it is, without a doubt, also a symbol of style. Watching Photo who depict him both on stage and in private, one can observe different images, from iconic 90s style with fringe and denim, today more elegant and mature, never giving up on everyday life.

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