Leonardo DiCaprio Bella Hadid, famous involved in protecting the Planet | Style


The protection of the environment since it is not a fad, the European Parliament has declared a “weather emergency” in the European Union, a reality that encourages you to take action and follow the example of actors, models and ‘celebrities’ that, alarmed, from years ago to stir the social conscience.

With a name apocalyptic to convince of the urgency of the challenge, more than sixty great names of the policy and the show launched this Sunday “World War Zero” (“World War Zero”)a coalition intended to train an “army” citizen that requires action before the climate crisis.

The initiative, led by the former secretary of State of the united John Kerrybrings together figures such as actors from the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emma Watson, Shay Mitchell and Ashton Kutcher; the singer Sting or the presidents of the USA Bill Clinton (1993-2001) and Jimmy Carter (1977-1981).

Since this is not only to talk, to take effective action and leading by example. And that fight has been added to the model Bella Hadid that, concerned by how much they pollute when you are traveling by plane, has announced in its account of Instagram that will plant 600 trees to compensate for their ecological footprint.

“I’m going to donate 600 trees to be planted. Are 20 for each flight I’ve taken in the last three months and will probably continue with it until the end of the year”, has written the model in social networks.

“It makes Me very sad to know the huge ecological footprint that I leave in the environment because of my job. Also how this is affecting so brutal to climate change in the world. Mother Nature needs to give love”he added.

A concern that is just a few days ago, has also been added to the british band Colplay that has decided not to do a tour to promote their latest album “Everyday Life”for the possible environmental impact that can generate their concerts.

“We take time to see how our tour can be beneficial,” said the leader of the group, Chris Martinby revealing to the chain BBC the decision to the climate crisis.

By the Foundation Leonardo DiCapriothe protagonist of Titanic (1997) has positioned itself in recent times as a staunch defender of the planet against climate change, when considered “the most urgent threat facing the human being.”that , as he said during the ceremony of the Oscars.

In addition, he produced the film documentary “The 11th Hour”on the state of the environment of the Earth, which included the vision of politicians, scientists, and environmental activists.

Such is their commitment that the actor met with the activist of 16 years Greta Thunberg in Los Angeles, and commended the work of the young via Instagram, in which the label of “having become the leader of our time”.

Celebrities that drive environmental projects

This noble cause is also added to the british actress Emma Watson that is behind the line of eco-fashion Pure Threadswith the who want to raise awareness of the importance of not wasting resources in fast fashion, but to bet for items more sensitive to the environment.

George Clooney is another well-known activist causes on the environment in the Arctic and strives to create a natural area preserved around the North Pole.

Salma Hayek that belongs to the organization Global Green, which works to combat global warming, in addition to helping to provide safe drinking water to 2,500 million people lack of such service, as the austrialiana Cate Blanchett drives the installation of systems of rain water harvesting and solar panels.

The american Julia Roberts became the spokesperson for Earth Biofuels, a company specializing in the development of alternative fuels non-polluting.

Alejandro Sanz it has also made public its commitment to the environment. He joined an expedition of Greenpeace to check the recoil suffered by the glaciers and the Arctic ice cap.

In one of his last messages on social networks, Alejandro Sanz said “The countdown is finished, in 2030, the destruction of the planet will be irreversible,”. The change begins with you, don’t use plastic, use alternative energy, and rejects all brands that do not respect the environment”.