Leonardo DiCaprio caught with a new girl, Italian model Vittoria Ceretti

Leonardo DiCaprio was caught in Santa Barbara in the company of another very young model. This is Italian Vittoria Ceretti, whose marriage to DJ Matteo Milleri seems to have come to an end.

The fact is that Leonardo DiCaprio Accompanying fairly young models is no longer new, so after the last meeting with Gigi Hadid in the Hamptons, the star has now been seen with a new flame. This time it’s Italian, that is Victoria Cheretti.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Vittoria Ceretti together

Headboard page six is ​​being used to distribute photos of them together in Santa Barbara. The actor and model was caught in Los Angeles sporting an iced coffee with her face covered in a cloth surgical mask while she intends to eat ice cream. A walk, nothing more, judging by these first frames, but until now they have never been seen together, and therefore it cannot be ruled out that there may be an acquaintance and that this is not a simple friendship. On the other hand, Ceretti would fit perfectly in the DiCaprio canon, being one of the most popular models in the industry and only 25 years old.

Vittoria Ceretti and her marriage to Matteo Milleri

Although she is very young, Vittoria Ceretti already has a marriage behind her. Three years ago, she married DJ Matteo Milleri. The last photo of them together was taken in January last year while on a trip to Colombia, but in recent months there has never been a breakup announcement or anything that could indicate estrangement. They married in Ibiza in 2020 in great secrecy, releasing photos of that day only weeks later when the couple had such an intimate and important moment away from the noise of the media. Then in 2021, she was one of the co-hosts of the Sanremo festival, and even there there were no signs that her love story with the famous DJ had come to an end.

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