Leonardo DiCaprio, have you ever seen a Hollywood star’s house? This is a dream villa

One of the most sought-after homes for one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars, a real dream villa for famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio maybe one of the most talented actors in the history of cinema, everyone’s favorite actor, a guarantee of quality and talent. Since Titanic, he has never stopped collaborating with great directors and, after a few attempts, he even won an Oscar for Best Actor. Real Hollywood Starwho loves women and the good life and never ceases to amaze with his real estate investments.

famous actor made another purchase in Los Angeles citymore precisely in Los Felix very popular area above the hills of the city. His latest deal isn’t for himself, but it’s the perfect gift for his mom, who he really cares about. The estate, which DiCaprio bought for his mother Irmelin IndenbirkenThis Spanish Colonial Villa. It includes four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a living and dining area, a meditation/yoga studio connected to the pool and spa. A “small” gift to express your affection.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s new dream villa

Almost all rooms in the villa have magnificent terraces AND access to a huge garden which surrounds the house, an oasis of relaxation and beauty, not far from the city. Leo is not new to these houses, in fact, he has many different types of houses, in particular, this house is a villa made in the old colonial style, which his mother most likely likes. If the “Survivor” actor is in the center, you can be sure that the property in question is impressive. unique and envy. As, of course, in this case.

Interiors of Villa Leonardo DiCaprio (Youtube.it source screen) -Designmag.it

Built in 1928 and completely renovated, the villa bought by DiCaprio reveals above all in the interiorsunique colonial style: High ceilings and exposed tiles, elegant archways, rustic floors, carved doors and stained glass windows, a real feast for the eyes that manages to create the perfect union between colonial style without forgoing modern comforts.

Exclusive house, as always, in one of the most beautiful areas of the city, right below the famous Griffith Observatory. Good gift which the actor made for his mother, an old house that, thanks to the renovation, has come back to life with fabulous interiors and a really unique and beautiful garden with a swimming pool that deserves crazy spectacle around town.

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