Leonardo DiCaprio in Caserta: photos and new alleged flirt

Famous actors went on holiday in Bel Pais to discover the traditions of their homeland

for all italian holidays Leonardo Dicaprio Traveling with Parents: First a tour of the Royal Apartments and Gardens of the Royal Palace of Caserta, then a well-deserved culinary holiday with Sasa Martucci Pizza.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Caserta on vacation


In fact, the well-known actor allowed himself a tour of the Royal Palace of Caserta, specifically the Royal Apartments and Gardens, to the astonishment and dismay of all the other visitors. DiCaprio and his parents have all the air dedicated to the holiday Finding Your Origins and Roots: The great-grandfathers of the Hollywood star, in fact Salvatore DiCaprio and Rosina Casella, came from a small town in Campania.

at the pizzeria with the parents


Full of surprises and emotions for patrons and pizzeria managers too Masanielis Of sasa martucci On what seemed like a day like many others, he found himself facing Leonardo DiCaprio. Caserta’s pizza maker reported the incident on the web: “I still can’t believe it, but I enjoyed Leonardo DiCaprio and his family welcome to my pizzeria From Caserta, they came to eat like commoners” she wrote in the caption of the photo that featured her with the actor.

“They wanted to try more pizza and I I was proud to introduce her to my fieldWe told them about the products we use and they were very appreciative of it.” “It means to value the region, Invest in yourself with the awareness of being able to express potentialKeep creating quality and content, because we have so much more to give” he continued on his Facebook page.The Masaniellis bring Caserta to the world and attract the world to CasertaAnd that’s something extraordinary,” he concluded.

Alleged relationship with Meghan Roche


The actor was photographed with the model in the recent past Meghan Roche On a luxury yacht docked in Ibiza. Roche has 22 years old (26 years younger than the actor), and was born and raised in Yardley, Pennsylvania. The model made her debut at a very young age in 2017 in a Givenchy brand campaign, and then continued with several celebrity collaborations. it also looks like a big Bella and Gigi Hadid’s friends, Briefly with the latter, the actor was “caught” in tender behavior at dinners and in clubs.

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