Leonardo DiCaprio was on the verge of Enigma, but Christopher Nolan used it.

Enigma could become the main villain in Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Rider”, and Leonardo DiCaprio became the actor who was entrusted to dress in his skin.

The character of Riddler, best known in Spain as “Enigma”, was played by different actors in different versions of the “big film”. BatmanHow Jim carrey ru Batman Forever (1995) de Joel Schumacheror Paul Dano ru Batman (2022) de Matt Reeves. Leonardo DiCaprio really wants to be on this list.

Shogun shared guidance David S. Goyer in a recent podcast episode Cheerful, sad, confused, Leonardo DiCaprio cases of the life of God in Enigma in the trilogy Batman Christopher Nolan, written for films: Batman Begins (2005), Dark horseman (2008) Dark Rider: Legend of Rebirth (2012).

Leonardo DiCaprio's Most Wanted!

“We have a lot of offers,” explained David S. Goyer. – I remember what’s inside (outside) Dark horsemanchef de Warner Bros. I say: “Tenéis que hacer a Riddler.” Leo (DiCaprio) as Riddler” This is not our way of working, I don’t want to stop anything.”

At the time, it was common for superhero movies to revolve around a villain. That is, first the antagonist character will be exalted, and then a story will be built to tell him or her. But David S. Goyer Christopher Nolan There is nothing in this working methodology that can be understood.

Why didn’t Leonardo DiCaprio come to play Enigma in Batman?

“Shadows of sensations – with films Spider-Man or when they started doing it superhero movies and I had answers that always told the studio: it’s worth it, this is what it will lead to. rude next movie? And let’s build a movie around that.”

“Chris was adamantly against it… Let’s figure out what story we want to tell (first) and what we want to explore thematically with Bruce. And then let’s think about how the villain fits into the story.” And this is the real reason why Leonardo DiCaprio asked himself the question without the Enigma paper.

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