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Leonardo DiCaprio will star in the remake of “Another Round”, Oscar winner for best foreign film – Film

The echoes of the Oscar Awards gala did not go down well either, as the Americans announced a remake of one of the most appreciated films signed by the Dane Thomas Vinterberg: “Another Round”.

Thus, fans of the Danish film that won the Oscar for best foreign feature film will have the opportunity to see an English version, starring the famous Leonardo DiCaprio instead of Mads Mikkelsen (not as famous, but very well known especially for the European public that remembers him from his first great success also directed by Vinterberg- The Hunt, 2012).

The Danish film “Another Round”, located on the border between drama and comedy, tells the story of an experiment set up by a group of teachers who start drinking, in an attempt to test the theory of a Norwegian psychiatrist who claims that people have a blood less alcohol than needed.

Leonardo DiCaprio will play the main role of the teacher who takes part in the experiment with his friends, against the background of an existential crisis that affects both his professional and marital life.

The director and screenwriter of this remake have not been announced yet, but the Danish director Vinterberg stated that he will not be involved in the project, but he is also curious to see the English version. Vinterberg also said that Leonardo DiCaprio is a very good actor who has always made smart decisions about his career.

“Now the story is in the hands of the best actor you can think of and, in addition to being a brilliant actor, he has made very smart choices throughout his career. I think there is a lot of integrity in his choices. I am extremely confident and curious what they will do “, said the Danish director, quoted by The Guardian.

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