Leonardo Ponzio, River idol, told how Gallardo convinced him not to retire in July

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The idol detailed the talk he had with the Doll once he was detected myocarditis in the middle of the year and what the DT told him so that he did not start the football without being able to finish on a playing field.

Leonardo Ponzio told how was the talk he had with Gallardo when he had myocarditis in the middle of the year, the DT convinced him to continue and retire on the court.
© Getty.Leonardo Ponzio told how was the talk he had with Gallardo when he had myocarditis in the middle of the year, the DT convinced him to continue and retire on the court.

Being a great coach is not only being a good strategist or knowing tactics but also being in every detail and one of the most important is the human part with the squad. For a team to function and win titles, it is crucial that there is harmony in the dressing room, that the usual substitutes train as if they were starters and above all support those who need it in difficult moments. Leonardo Ponzio had one of those moments in the middle of the year, after recovering from the Covid and having carried out the corresponding studies prior to starting the preseason, the Lion presented myocarditis that kept him away from the courts for several months.

“When myocarditis was detected, I had to have an MRI every month, I was there for almost two and a half months, and I didn’t see the light. When we came back from preseason six months ago, the first thing was to get swabbed for travel.
I did not want to swab myself, I did not change and I went with the idea of ​​telling Marcelo that I was getting there. I was not going to be able to go to the preseason, it was going to take longer to get into the rhythm, and I went to tell that to Marcelo.
He didn’t expect it and there we had a hand-to-hand talk in which he told me “you can’t go now, I need you. Take as long as you want. You like the countryside, go there, come back whenever you want, but You can’t go now. “ At that moment I expected him to say “thank you for everything” and that would be the push to finish.
But I received the answer that I also wanted to hear and that means that they value you, that they love you, that they need you within a group. So, there was a question like, I expected the two answers and depending on which one I was going to accommodate myself, “said Leonardo Ponzio in dialogue with the Perros de la Calle radio program.

There was also time to do a brief review of his last days as a professional footballer: “I dreamed of being a soccer player and then many more dreams came true”He also added: “I still haven’t fallen from the moment I’m going through. Now I have to continue dreaming, I want to leave something from the place that touches me ”. It should be noted that Leonardo Ponzio played his last game as a professional last Saturday against Colón for the Champions Trophy.

“I retired when I wanted to, after having won, and I saw that it was already the end. As for preparing, I have spoken a lot with Marcelo, with Enzo. They told me that you have to find many hands so that the emptiness is not so strong “, affirmed Leonardo Ponzio and then said:
“Now I came on vacation, we will have to see when the preseason starts what happens”

. The idol probably plays a few games for his childhood club, of which he is vice president, Williams Kemmis, and then knows he has the River doors open to work at the club.

My career was through sacrifice and a lot of head, and understanding that if the group was good I would stand out because I am not an individualist player, a scorer, it was more work ”, said the soccer player with the most titles in the history of River and finally spoke of the only thorn that remained in his years as a footballer:
“In the National Team I had sporadic steps, I never settled down. You could say that I was lacking, but I had to compete with the best ”.

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