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,indie girl, is the new single from Leonardo Zaccaria Available everywhere today, in streaming and digital download. An important song in the musical journey of the artist who has focused on the musical direction of his project with this new song. It was born in the studio with producer Effempi over an opening riff that instantly teleported them to ’70s disco.

“When I wrote “Indie Girl” I felt a crazy energy, a sonic world being born that I had never explored but in which I feel completely at ease. It is a sarcastic and carefree song that talks about a relationship while making fun of some clichés. There’s strawberries, vinyl records and an indie girl who probably doesn’t even know who she is.” Says the artist.

Leonardo Zaccaria He’s a 25-year-old singer-songwriter, but sometimes it seems like he was born in another era, in fact his songs and his aesthetic incorporate vintage and 70s nuances. After the first single featuring the acoustic sound Leonardo started a new indie pop/rock following the musical references such as Harry Styles, Smith and Paul McCartney brought to his writing. Leonardo Zaccaria is also a writer for Sony Music Publishing and has written for Marco Mengoni, Rosa Chemical, Giorgia and Annalisa. In February, he released the single “horror movie”, Canova Rec was born out of Michele Canova’s idea to make his twenty years of experience as artistic producer of the greatest Italian artists available to emerging artists. Canova Rec, with its work team, follows projects every step of the way, from scouting to song mastering.

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