Leon’s new variant covid Campa has mediocre symptoms

The new coronavirus lineage, known as Eris or EG.5, affected Leon in August and is rampant with an increase in the number of infections and those with mild symptoms similar to flu or cold. The health service of the military junta in Castile and Leon advises those infected to lead normal lives, as the virus is considered a common disease among people who have been vaccinated and have no previous medical history. People who don’t know what to do if they test positive can call Coronavirus Healthcare on 900 222 000. From August until the 24th (last updated by the military junta of Castile and Leon on the Transparency Portal) the province of León has 1,488 new cases of coronavirus infection over the age of 60, an increase from the 442 cases reported in July 336%. No one over the age of 60 has reported being positive, so the number of people spreading the virus in Leon may be higher now. According to the Transparency Portal of the military government of Castile and Leon, there are 23,042 active cases of infection, but not all of them are present.

After the end of the health emergency, with the new Strategic Action Framework issued by the Ministry of Health on 5 July, surveillance for covid-19 continues to be mandatory, but individualized reporting of all well-identified cases is prohibited and surveillance is abolished Based on the Acute Respiratory Infection Surveillance System (SiVIRA), which consists of Sentinel Surveillance for Acute Respiratory Infections (ARIs) in Primary Care and Sentinel Surveillance for Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARI) in Hospitals, this enables the monitoring of trends in causative viruses such as influenza, Surveillance for Covid-19 and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). In other words, three viruses that can cause severe respiratory infections were monitored.

Symptoms such as general malaise, a fractional fever, or signs of a cold, such as sore throat and sneezing, have also led to doubts that affected people go to a pharmacy to buy a test kit for the new coronavirus and flu virus, and then leave. Of the 3,331 units mobilized in June and 3,754 units in July, the Cofarle Pharmaceutical Cooperative had distributed 13,358 units of antigen testing kits to pharmacies as of yesterday, August 25, an increase of 356% over previous months.

The people of Leon have been attacked by a more contagious but mediocre variant that doesn’t have a major health impact. Vicente Martín, from León, the coronavirus coordinator of the Spanish Association of Primary Care Physicians (Semergem), has requested that antigen testing be offered in family doctors’ offices in outpatient clinics “because it gives more peace of mind to patients and professionals , they can clearly understand the situation of antigen detection”. If you have any questions, please consult with us. The rules have changed and there are no antigen tests in primary care centers so patients have to go to a pharmacy to get them. We ask doctors to have more resolution capabilities.

Despite the surge in infections, the impact of the new variant, as Martin described it, is “minimal and not terribly worrisome.” «Compared nothing at all to what happened to us when the Omicron arrived. If we compare, the situation is ridiculous now. Despite the high number of infections, León’s health centers are not as saturated as is currently the case in other communities such as La Rioja, the Balearic Islands or Aragon.

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