Leopard bikini and explicit moves!

Britney Spears is taking her Instagram dancing to the next level by releasing her first Pole Dance pole. Here’s a video.

Britney Spears on the pole dance, in a leopard bikini and candid moves!

Britney Spears she is definitely one of the VIPs to follow on Instagram. Having returned to full possession of her decision-making abilities, the singer began to document her life more and more often on Instagram, where sometimes he is fond of ambiguous ballets and clothes that are obviously not too generous towards him. This time, the protagonist of her latest viral video was pink. pole for Pole Dance who saw her go crazy, to the delight of fans, as well as haters, who commented with extreme viciousness on Britney’s new fun.

Britney Spears ‘crazy’ spending

After a protest started by her most ardent fans, which also included the world of the international show beat, Britney Spears she returned “free” from the legal restrictions that allowed her father to handle some of the intimate and personal aspects of her personal life, returning to being able to live her life as a woman and wife alongside Sam Ashgari. The former queen of pop has not lost her passion for music and dance, integral components of her artistic flair, which have led some of her songs to enduring success.

So I am happy to be able to communicate without filters and on social networks, especially on Instagram, where he began to commemorate his vacation as a couple almost daily, the choreography he tries in his huge villa at full volume, as well as some outfits that are decidedly far from modern fashion and often controversial. In short, Britney also wants to be free from the comments and judgments of the haters that often crowd her photos and videos, and for this she continues to provoke, like the last time. mail who traveled all over the world in a very short time.

Britney Spears moves like this on a pole from Pole Dance

New purchase Mr. Britney Spears it’s pink and bright pole for pole dancing, artfully installed in one of the singer’s favorite rooms, which can watch her reflection in multiple mirrors, and also gives fans different angles to capture. Britney often exaggerates and oversteps the mark, and even as one of the hottest sports of the moment, she doesn’t cut corners. If the questionable and flashy color of the pole on which he performs tricks was not enough, then surely this leopard print lingerie setwhich includes long sensual gloves wrapping around her forearms and a black calf boot.


A look which doesn’t particularly suit the singer, but adds to the fake effect of her video, which went viral a few hours later. In a word, Spears seems to be sinning in terms of good taste, but it is now unthinkable to live without her videos and daily photos on the Internet. Instagramone gift is more valuable than the other!

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