Les Plages Eletroniques: confirmation of the Cannes Beach Festival

We visited Les Plage Eletroniques, a French festival that has brought together various musical genres and styles over the years in a fantastic location on the Croisette in Cannes.

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The 2023 event took place on 5, 6 and 7 August. Electronic beaches which he collected 56,000 fans on the beach in Cannes. Three days, during which, if the truth was dominated by electronics, one could also visit the performances of rap artists such as Hamza AND Lomepal. Among the headliners Armin Van Buuren, dj snake Hello Tale about us. We participated on Sunday, the day when, in addition to the Afterlife Founders talk, we were able to attend Afterlife Founders talks. Chami AND Proudlyand live performances Mesergue AND Stefan Bodzin.

We go in order. Flawless Organizationthere are practically no queues for all services within the festival. Six are the scenes where the main characters played. this year three, where the most significant names performed. Chief, called beachlike previous editions, big stage on the beach. The second, named Terrace, located on the terrace next to the main building. Perhaps the most beautiful, because, being on a hill, it offered a fantastic view of both the festival and the sea. The third one named Clubs and sponsored by DJ MAG, it was a real club, but perhaps a bit of a distraction from the mood of the festival because it was indoors and ‘in the dark’.

The first DJ we saw and heard was Chami. The Frenchman, who had just announced the return of “No Redemption” with Malaa, one of the most interesting concerts of recent years, performed on the main stage. In recent years, he has often devoted himself to producing for others, remember the success of Lady Gaga’s “Rain On Me” with Ariana Grande, which touched almost a billion streams, but when he plays and directs his own productions, such as “Adieu”, they are all full of enthusiasm. . After Chami we moved to the Club on Proudly. Former Carnage is good, attractive and always interesting. Only a purely personal opinion, playing at a speed of about 155 beats per minute and above at 5.30 a.m. is an exaggeration. But people were happy, jumping and getting gassed. And then he also performed his remix of the Lazza song “Cenere”.Therefore, the advantage is that thanks to this, Italian artists become famous abroad. We moved to the Terrace to see the solo orchestra. Mesergue. We talked about him here after his date at the Fabrique in Milan last March. There is little to add. He’s damn good, unique in his field, able to alternate calmer, almost ambient and jazzy moments with much more aggressive rhythms. And all this during sunset, which made his performance even more impressive.

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We then returned to the Plage stage. Stefan Bodzin it was magical. He and his Moog literally reminded me why I love music. Technically perfect, melodies and rhythms blend perfectly between one synth solo and another. Definitely the best of the day. Finishing the headliners, I Tale about us. We’ve seen quite a few of them this summer and they never disappoint. Anyma and MRAK are a winning couple anyway, just look at how many fans they manage to garner on every date. Even at Les Plages Eletroniques, many have been created especially for them.some of the people I spoke to didn’t even know who most of the other artists who would be performing were. As usual, they alternated singles and unreleased tracks from their individual projects with songs from all the artists on their label’s roster. The set was varied and never boring, and the wonderful creations that made them so famous last year also made a couple of LED appearances.

The festival has already announced the dates of the next events, which will take place on August 16, 17 and 18, tickets are already available at this link.


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