“Let me tell you about this woman”

A dedication special. Justin Timberlake paid homage to his wife, the beautiful actress Jessica Bielon the occasion of his birthday. On Instagram, the singer and actor has published a series of shots with a dedication to honey. “Let me tell you about this woman—she’s the most badassthe prettiest, the most beautiful companion dream I could ever have desire» says Justin in the opening lines.

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Then he adds: «And today is his birthday! I’m so glad you were born my love. And, I’m so lucky you chose to do this thing called life with me. You age so well! Love you to death» concludes Justin who testifies to his followers the deep love for his wife.

The love

It is not the first time that the two actors have publicly declared their love. Often Justin or Jessica write posts to each other and show how solid and strong their marriage is, thanks also to their two children. Just in October 2022, the two celebrated 10 years of marriage. And they did it in style, leaving for Italy. The American stars got married in 2012 in a luxurious Salento resort, near Savelletri (Brindisi) in Puglia. And, therefore, when their promises were renewed on 19 October 1922, they returned to Puglia. A post appeared on her social networks in which Biel wore a dress by Giambattista Valli (the same designer who signed her wedding dress ten years ago).

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