Leticia Benitez: “The bird flu doesn’t affect us at all”

Leticia Benítez, president of the Valdés Peninsula Tour Operators Association, said the region’s tourist season looked promising despite the presence of bird flu.

Benítez highlighted the success of the Previaje 5 plan and the strong position of the city and its surroundings among the top destinations for Argentines.

In this case, Benítez is satisfied with the public response, stressing that the area has managed to achieve high occupancy rates through the above-mentioned program: “Although we are in the peak season, this program allows us to complete the remaining percentage, thus With good occupancy rates and trends for the coming weeks. Likewise, he highlighted the increase in travel bookings, which has given a huge boost to sales in the sector.

The president of the Association of Travel Agents announced that representatives of the local tourism sector will carry out a balanced analysis, analyze the results and predict the situation for the next season.

Regarding bird flu, Benítez noted that the situation has not had a negative impact on the region: “Fortunately, the flu cases do not affect us at all.” He explained that as a precautionary measure, travel agencies in Punta Passengers at Tongbo are required to disinfect their shoes and hands before entering the penguin colony and after leaving the penguin colony. This procedure is common practice in the area.

Additionally, as part of another safety protocol, the importance of not approaching or touching animals was emphasized. Regarding the issue of wearing masks, Benítez confirmed that so far there are no regulations requiring the wearing of masks, as long as the current preventive measures are followed.

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