Letizia from Spain: long hair at any age

We’ve never seen anything like this before!

Letizia from Spain turns 50

Goodbye mid-cut. Letizia of Spain add some flair to her hairstyle and choose long hair. At 50 years old Reina she decided to change her image by focusing on her hair. The medium-length locks that unmistakably highlight her beauty have now been replaced by longer hair. On the occasion of the UNICEF awards in Madrid, Letizia from Spain actually showed off. hair reaching to the middle of the back. Thus, the trend is reversed: who said that long hair is only suitable for the little ones? Nothing could be more wrong. Long hair at any age: words from Letizia from Spain.

Letizia from Spain, goodbye medium cut

Letizia from Spain with long hair Getty

Letizia from Spain is growing her hair longer: does she take inspiration from stars over 50? (Getty)

Leticia Ortiz is the queen of the medium haircut. This has been a constant in her beauty since she anchored the Spanish news: she never gave up her medium-length hair, never distorted or changed her beautiful image. At least until now. Now Letitia decided to experiment longer locks and darker.

A real novelty for members of the royal family who do not like to change their makeup and hairstyle. A simple desire for change? In fact, for a junkie like Laetitia, who never makes mistakes when it comes to beauty, there may be something else behind this turning point. In fact, it could be a strategy to innovate and update its image. Even making him younger.

Long hair? They rejuvenate

We mistakenly tend to think that long hair is suitable for young women. However, in the world of the star system there are many celebrities over 50 who choose very long hair. Any examples? From Demi Moore Sarah Jessica Parkerfrom Jennifer Lopez to Madonna and Monica Bellucci: Everyone is crazy about very long hair. And such an expert as Letizia, of course, could not lose sight of the details.

The reason is clear. Long hair can also look younger. How? Just do like Letizia from Spain: choose yourself.haircut that accentuates the face elegantly highlighting facial features. La Reina opted for a lightweight fit. climbed up and only moved slightly. The shorter strands are slightly visible, but just enough to give the hair volume and movement. In addition, he focused on lateral line, less rigid than the central one. The result is elegant hair with a lifting effect.

How to keep long hair in shape

You can show off long, healthy and beautiful hair at any age. Letizia from Spain is another confirmation of this. Just take care of it using special products for long hair, from shampoo to nourishing and strengthening masks. Then long hair should be combed. soft bristle brushes so as not to break them.

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No excessive use of straighteners or high hair dryer temperatures. It’s also helpful to remember that length is not the enemy of a haircut: trimming every two to three months helps strengthen all of your hair.


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