Letizia of Spain, embroideries and transparencies: how much does her outfit cost to copy

letizia of spain dress cost

Letizia of Spain, how much does her dress with transparencies cost – Newsby.it

Letizia of Spain is one of the most elegant women and has recently chosen an outfit with embroidery and transparency. A look that hasn’t gone unnoticed, but how much does it cost?

The sovereign returned to following an appointment on the agenda in Zaragoza where she participated in the delivery of the famous National Culture Awards, an event that had been postponed for two years due to the Covid pandemic. For the occasion, King Felipe’s wife chose a high fashion look that highlighted her class and elegance.

letizia of spain dress cost
Letizia of Spain, how much does her dress with transparencies cost – Newsby.it

The royals are generally the best reference in terms of look and style, this is because they show off very classy clothes. Sometimes they opt for low cost clothing, other times they choose big names. Without a doubt, the queen is among the most elegant women in the world Letizia of Spegnathe woman who supports King Felipe VI in all public events.

Recently, the sovereign attended an event in Spain, one of the most glamorous in the country. La Reina has chosen an outfit that fits her perfectly: a full dress embroideries And transparencies. The dress is signed Temperley London, a British brand founded by Alice Temperley in 2000 and is chosen by many celebrities all over the world.

Letizia of Spain, how much does the Temperley London dress cost

The British brand Temerley London has convinced many exclusive names in showbiz, but not only. Her dresses have been worn by sisters Kate and Pippa Middleton, but also by Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, as well as stars Eva Mendes, Halle Berry and Sarah Michelle Gellar, not to mention Sandra Bullock and Beyoncé. And now a suit was also worn by Joy of Spain in the event in Zaragoza.

Letizia of Spain transparent outfit
Letizia of Spain, the Temperley London dress – Newsby.it

It is a cocktail dress that the monarch has recycled. We are talking about a very pretty Georgette model, the powder color particularly suits the sovereign, while the pink and black floral embroideries are the real gem. The décolleté of the dress is in transparent tulle, creating that trendy nude effect. The sleeves of the dress are puffed, while the skirt is long with flounces that touches the calves.

The dress seems to wink at gypsy fashion, but also at those oriental costumes. But now we come to the cost, the dress worn by the sovereign has a price of 1,709 eurosnot exactly cheap. Letizia of Spain wore it for the very first time during the trip she made four years ago to Korea, before Covid. A definitely recognizable style, as well as a point of reference for many women.

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