“Let’s no longer shout homeland and death …”: Camila Cabello leaves an important message about the situation in Cuba

USA. – Camila Cabello shone in his presentation in the Latin Billboards, and after finishing singing his song “Don´t go yet”Shared a great message. The singer spoke in clear Spanish and I said that her town of Cuba he asked for freedom and no more doctrines. To this he added the new cry that is to be established in the Cuban struggle, “Homeland and life”.

“Let us no longer shout homeland and death but homeland and life”: with those words the singer of Cuban origin closed her first presentation in the Latin Billboards. Camila has been sharing several messages of support to her compatriots on her social networks, and has said more than once that she wants to see her land free. The artist strongly embraces her roots and now chooses to share it with the world.

Especially after his new album “Family”; In it, the singer promised that she would let her more Latin side come out. For Camila Cabello It was quite a surprise when she was invited to participate in the aforementioned awards. Is that, despite being an artist of Latin origin, she had never been invited to participate until she presented her single “Don´t go yet”. We can probably see it in new editions with songs in Spanish.

A few months ago, Camila Cabello participated in a videoconference with other Cuban artists where they talked about this new slogan “Homeland and life”. All this in the context of the Premios Juventud, which includes Latin American artists. Together with the singer were the two singers of the group “People of the area” and the singer Me you him. To spread the new slogan of freedom, the artists created allusive T-shirts.

The situation on the island of Cuba It is still quite complicated, but those who no longer live there support the groups that decided to rebel against the dictatorial government. For Camila it would be a dream come true to see the land where she was born as a free and democratic nation.


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