Let’s turn on the dream machine again

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Why is cinema such a “sensitive” product that it continues to feel the effects of the pandemic?
Films belong to a type of consumption that, being subject to various competition, requires very strong motives. In addition, after the post-pandemic period, there has been some confusion among the public, so that there is a feeling that you can immediately find the same film on the platform that is offered in pay-per-view cinemas. For this reason, among the measures needed to restart the cinema, we can only recall the importance of adopting a window to protect the first release. theatricalas it happens also abroad, with methods to be agreed upon.

Like Rai Cinema, what editorial strategy do you use?
To bring the audience back to cinemas, we need an offer that matters: films that are useful for telling the history of our country, for sharing the values ​​that unite us, and that in a global world that has shown all its criticality, including in audiovisual sector, revives the dream car. For example, we believe in local: the more concrete and original you are, the more international and universal you are.

Will it help more television and recognizable faces?
The same artist, who is present simultaneously in different contexts (in the cinema, on stage and on television), runs the risk of overexposure. Of course, there are exceptions, as with everything. Either way, the film’s cinematic launch fuels the Star System needed for the industry as a whole.

Pierfrancesco Favino Commander

Pierfrancesco Favino born Commander Edoardo de Angelis (Photo © Enrico De Luigi)

How has your marketing strategy changed?
The viewer has become more demanding and selective and must be captivated by the power of the content and the exclusivity of the result. Therefore, marketing must convey a clear and powerful message to the main target audience. Rain campaigns are a thing of the past, because today more than yesterday, it is necessary to understand how many people are actually reached by the film launch campaign and which of them are willing to pay for a ticket and go to the cinema. From this point of view, marketing has changed, consider using social media to profile the film’s reference goals and create communities (Rai Cinema and 01 groups are growing) to share and promote their own content. . Let’s not forget that multi-programming in cinemas can place a product in a different way, and to this we must add geo-marketing strategies, once unthinkable, but which today represent a method of targeted release for many films.

What games will you be releasing in the coming months?
From May to Autumn Offer 01 (Rai Cinema Distribution House, ed.) will become one of the strongest in history: many films for every taste, including transformation Marco Bellocchio I am the captain Matteo Garrone Chimera Alice Rohrwacher Commander edoardo de angelis, Devil Who are you? the Manetti brothers Castle Roman Polanski, Finally dawn Saverio Costanzo. International films include Martin Scorsese’s new masterpiece with Leonardo DiCaprio. Flower Moon Assassins in the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival, which will be released in theaters around the world on October 19, 2023.

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