Levante, the new single “Canzone d’Estate” and the tour before the Grand Finale at Verona Arena

With great irony and self-irony, after posting a video on social media in which she returns to being a brunette, tackles a topic that has caused much discussion about her in recent months, blonde hair , Levante announce a new unreleased single “Song of the Summer”,

In the announcement video, several friends and guests (Amadeus, Colapace Dimartino, Fiorello, Linus, Paola and Chiara, Pilar Fogliati And Valerio Lundini) dedicates himself to this clip as he wants, with the lightness that deserves a topic like a woman’s choice of hair color, to close the circle and return to the music.

“Summer Song is the story of a relationship that ends just as the hottest season begins”, – tells levant , “You swim in a sea of ​​regret hoping that it is the burnt heart that peels off the weight of a burdensome feeling, of ended love.

Meanwhile, Levante is ready to excite the public throughout the summer with its new tour and after having a first taste at Mi AMI in Milan it will visit Italy and present the best and latest album of its ten years career “Opera”. Futura” will bring live. Some of the main festivals and most beautiful places of summer in our country.

Great program scheduled for next summer to end this summer live September 27 at the Verona Arena.

“No voyage reaches its destination directly without the sailor stopping – tells levant , Be my Italy, gym for my muscles, warm-up before the most dangerous match, teacher of agitated head and burning heart. Go sailing, I’ll blow the wind”.

Accompanying Levante on stage, in his choice of position, would be: Eugenio Odasso on guitar, Alessio Sanfilippo on drums, Alessandro Orefice on keyboards, Matteo Gaiai on bass and Lorenza Giusciano on backing vocals.

Here are the next scheduled dates for the tour produced and distributed by Vivo Concerti (www.vivoconcerti.com for details).

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