Lewis Hamilton created a luxury watch that few could afford

lewis hamilton Designed his own watch and in Japanese Grand PrixThe Briton finished fifth in the race held last weekend.

The pilot teamed up with the famous Swiss watch brand IWC Schaffhausen to design his own watch and named it II.WC Portugieser Tourbillon Retrograde Chronograph Lewis Hamilton And there are only 44 in the world.

he bell Its dial and strap are navy blue, and it comes with a 43.5mm platinum case. This design looks elegant and is combined with the 12 diamonds that adorn the dial.You can also see the logo Lewis Hamilton.

lewis hamilton’s watch


This new piece of jewelry by Lewis Hamilton has 44 pieces worldwide and is worth 155,000 euros.

This piece may be a collector’s item as there are only 44 pieces, which is the number it ran lewis hamilton In the Formula 1.

lewis hamilton watch


Lewis Hamilton sends stern message to Red Bull

Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko’s controversial comments Czech Peres They continue to echo in Formula One.british rider lewis hamilton He came to the defense of the man from Guadalajara and sent a stern message to Red Bull.

“We know he has problems with classification and we have to remember that Checo is South American; therefore he is not as focused as Max Verstappen or Sebastian Vettel” Helmut Marr Coe’s comments sparked controversy in F1.

hamilton He called Helmut Marko’s comments “unacceptable” and sent a stern message to Red Bull for failing to defend the driver.

“What he said is completely unacceptable. While we say there is no discrimination of any kind, there should be no place for it in this sport, but let leaders and people put themselves in their shoes and make comments like this , is not good for us moving forward. “I think it just highlights the work that needs to be done,” the Englishman explained to Sky Sports.

Lewis Hamilton defends Checo Perez

Clive Ross/Getty

This is not something where you just apologize and everything will be fine. I think more needs to be done. When someone makes a comment like this, teams usually block them or quote them and say they don’t support that kind of thing; so it’s interesting that (at Red Bull) they didn’t do that in this case,” he added.

“This is not my team. It shows how important it is that we continue to do the work that I try to do in sports. “We still have a lot of work to do to make sure this is a more inclusive environment,” he said.

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