Lexus in Venice 80, a film written for innovation

Clapperboard, action. Lexus reaffirms itself as the “engine” (strictly electrified) that powers one of the world’s oldest cinematic events. The show’s official car, the Rising Sun brand, will accompany directors, actors and celebrities on the red carpet for the seventh consecutive year.

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The story of the Lexus, which returns to the stage in Venice, is like a feature film about innovation and pioneering spirit. Taking center stage at the 80th Venice International Film Festival on August 30, the Lexus will once again be the protagonist of the event as the official car, with the lights focused on the new LBX.

So, clapperboard, action; (strictly electrified) “engine” that moves again – in the true sense of the word – one of the oldest cinematic events in the world is still Lexus, which in the lagoon will again be next to the Biennale between flashes and actors , all the emotions that can be experienced and share with the protagonists of Italian and international cinema and the enthusiastic public.

Timothée Chalamet on the red carpet for Bones and Everything in Venice 79. Photo: Pascal Le Segretin/Getty Images for Lexus

Ancient history meets modern history, between the allure of the Laguna and the values ​​of the Japanese brand reinventing their magic, converge in a Lexus language of space exploration, meditation and immersion in new worlds. As the show’s official car for the seventh year in a row, Lexus will accompany directors, actors and celebrities, starting with this year’s godmother Caterina Murino, as well as many of the show’s other protagonists. The vehicles of the Electrified line will be lined up on the Lido, and the brand’s innovative spirit will be represented by the LBX, Lexus’ breakthrough crossover SUV that was first shown on the red carpet of the Lido. This revolutionary SUV embodies the essence of the brand, embodying modern ideas in design and technology to the sounds of “Make Every Day Extraordinary»: right in the picturesque lagoon, LBX will add an extra touch that will make the festival even more unusual.

“This year we will also be close to the Biennale Cinema 2023 to give an extra touch to the magical atmosphere that reigns in Venice during the days of the exhibition,” said Paolo Moroni, director of Lexus Italia, “and to offer guests the opportunity to experience the maximum Lexus experience. Marvelous. We are particularly proud to present at this important milestone the latest addition to Lexus, the LBX, an SUV that embodies modern ideas in design and technology while maintaining the Lexus hallmark.

Elodie on the red carpet of I’ll Eat Your Heart in Venice 79. Photo: Pascal Le Segretin/Getty Images for Lexus

Among the 35 vehicles on display in Venice will be iconic models such as the RX Hybrid Turbo, NX Plug in Hybrid, UX Premium Hybrid, RZ Full Electric and ES Premium Hybrid. The new LBX compact SUV, which is also the smallest and most dynamic in the current Lexus lineup, represents the start of a new Lexus journey, designed to break conventions like Lina Wertmüller’s revolutionary movie style, as well as style-bound to luxury and comfort like in Akira Kurosawa’s most exquisite films. Modern and unconventional film. Password? Energy and emotions.

Florence Pugh on the red carpet of Don’t Worry Darling in Venice 79. Photo: Pascal Le Segretin/Getty Images for Lexus

A link between Lexus and movie magic based on the same spirit of seeking unique experiences through sometimes subtle yet distinctive and distinctive elements. The craftsmanship of the Takumi craftsmen who dictate Lexus style, combined with innovative manufacturing techniques, returns to the screen of excellence in Venice to tell their story. The best way to do this is precisely the film, with its languages ​​and poetry of filming, between the present, the past and the future. The lights go out, the show begins.

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