Liam Gallagher Fights With Neymar on Twitter

Liam Gallagher.

The British singer did not hesitate to launch endless insults and accusations at the Brazilian footballer while the first half of the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City went by

It is true that the Manchester City team finally took the victory against Paris Saint-Germain (1-2) in the first leg of the Champions League semifinals, but that does not overshadow the fact that the Parisians were dominating the game. scoring during the first half of the match and, obviously, such a situation had the most staunch fans of the British team, coached by Pep Guardiola, very nervous.

One of the most expressive in that sense was, how could it be otherwise, the controversial former vocalist of the group OasisLiam Gallagher, who once again turned to his favorite social network, Twitter, to publicly vent during that first part marked by the tension and, in his opinion, for the occasional display of “foul play” by Neymar Junior, one of the great stars of PSG.

In fact, the musician did not hesitate to launch – in full view of all Internet users – endless insults, accusations, and other niceties at the Brazilian, ensuring, for example, that the striker had “thrown” himself several times to the ground simulating fouls that had not been happened. “ Neymar is a bastard who is ashamed of others. Get that dirty man out of the field ”, the artist wrote at one point during the meeting.

” Neymar has been taking drugs? He really is laughing at everyone ”, Liam wondered on another occasion while expressing his outrage at the alleged unsportsmanlike attitudes of the former FC Barcelona player.


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