Liam Gallagher, The Black Keys, Red Hot Chili Peppers and others. 300,000 tickets sold

More than 300,000 tickets have already been sold for I-Day, the summer music festival which will bring international and non-national artists to the San Siro and La Moura racetracks between Thursday 22 June and 15 July. The slogan is eclecticism, ranging from pop to hip hop with one eye on mainstream rock, the other on the alternative scene, and an admirable desire to bring together big and emerging groups. Intent clear from opening day, when Florence + The Machine, preceded by British Florence Welch’s group, British Foals and American Sudan Archives will take the stage with their provocative mix of R&B, electronic beats, violin and Afro rhythms. Also dates 23 and 24 June, first starring Rosalia, Catalan pop star who is a flamenco producer From over 40 million monthly listeners on Spotify to Urban SauceScott’s second, with blues-soul soul Paolo Nutini, would be enriched by introducing concerts: previously winner of 11 Latin Grammys, 30-year-old from Kentucky Tinashe, Dominic Yandry, who reached success on The X Factor through Local, and Varèse. From Clara, while Nutini will be accompanied by Interpol’s New York-based indie rock and Tuscans Fast Animals & Slow Kids.

If on June 30 Texan Travis Scott and Italians Capo Plaza and Ava will delight rap and trap fans, then on July 1 guitars will dominate Sole Step In The Boots Of The Black Keys, Liam Gallagher And Nothing But Thieves, And 2 Red Hot Chili Peppers The most interesting Italian realities of the moment will turn into a crossover party with supporters Skunk Anansi, Primal Scream and Milanese studio Muraina: the combination of jazz, electronics, funk, prog and MC Karma’s rhymes the center of the new album “Vadirueme” today a Shows rare exploratory attitude, which in songs at times translates into anger against the suffocating air that reigns in the mecca, all-commercial milieu of an increasingly dry modernity.

«The marble around us on the album cover and in promotional photos is from a Carrara quarry and is a reference to the Duomo», explains keyboardist Matteo Castiglioni, who like other Studio Muraina musicians studied at the Verdi Conservatory. “We want to develop another place from where the urban space and the contemporary can be seen from a distance: a place of mind away from everyday life and from any conditioning, where you can indulge in mirages and illusions, where you are free May be”. Artistically free as well as an ambitious project that is giving the sextet greedy opportunities such as participation in the Independence Day, “We are considered niche, but niches are fundamental, there is a need to diversify,” says Karma. « Being invited to play in front of bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers or Jamiroquai, for whom we will open on Saturday 24 June at the Lido de Camaiore, fills us with pride, makes us feel welcome, as well as being the spokesperson is responsible for. We hope that the new Italian vibe will infect more and more people ».

The latest edition of the Independent Days festival started in Monza in 1999, I-Days 2023 will kick off on July 15 with arctic monkeys from the UK, before the Swedes the Hives and the Turinese Omni. A great demand for live music, as well as a season of live notes large and young together, also fueled by expensive tickets that risk a boomerang effect in the future.

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