Liam Hemsworth is going to be eating with his girlfriend, and ditch the rumors


There are only a couple of weeks, fans of the Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth take a magnifying glass to look closely at all of the interactions and actions that may point to a gap between the honda’s. Both of them appeared without the to their peers, and their wedding rings at the same event if you would go back to following it on social networks, and the singer has learned to (almost) all of your photos Cody Simpsonyour current boyfriend is making you jump all the alarms. However, it has been a matter of days, it has shown us that nothing has changed between them.

EXCLUSIVE: Miley Cyrus is heading for a new life after the hacerser an official divorce

He took it upon himself to deny the rumours of the break up, ensuring that it kept up with the Music, but it they wanted to take things slowly, and we saw how they came together for the event. Last Friday, Liam was doing the same thing and it demonstrates in a way that’s more subtle, but equally effective in his relationship with Her daughter Brook, who went from strength to strength. The actor The hunger games it has been seen, along with his girlfriend and a few friends at a restaurant in Beverly Hills called The Ivy. Even though they wore sunglasses, a couple sitting on the terrace of the place, which is a traditional meeting point for well-known faces, so it was not difficult for photographers to meet. They were separated, but during the meal, and they were seated together, and there was no shortage of smiles and confidence between them.

It seems like so much to Read, as Miley is happy at the side of the respective pairs, and taking in the quiet, after they have made an official divorce. “It’s such a relief to both of them that they can leave it completely behind“, was a close friend of the actor and australian of the portal The E! News. “It was not a divorce is complicated, due to their prenuptial agreement and manage all of your law firm. Your winnings are kept separate, as long as they were married, and it has been useful to you. The two of you are ready to go ahead and take any of the subject matter that is to be revealed. Are you happy to close this chapter of their lives“.

In the end, the relationship between the protagnistas of The last song he arrived in December, after less than a year of marriage. “For you to be happy, and she had to change it a lot as a person. Miley, you know that, don’t be one Who will make you the most happy in the long termnotes-if, at the time, a source close to the singer magazine People. “This is a private matter, and no, I did not make any comment to any journalist or medium of communication,” answered the artist, in the time of the separation.