Liam Payne tweets Zayn Malik on Instagram: here’s why

Instagram messaging between Liam Payne and Zayn Malik: Here’s what the two artists wrote to each other

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Zane Malik is about to release new music, and among the most enthusiastic comments there is a comment Liam Payne: here is the question and the answer between them.

There’s a lot of anticipation Z4a new era marked Zayn Malik that after My mind, Icarus Falls AND Nobody listens ready to come back with new recording project. Two clips have appeared on Instagram, which seem to anticipate the release of a new single.

Among the (many!) comments on the video, there are even comments Liam Payne!

Liam texts Zayn on Instagram

After years of sharing the same stage with the members of One Direction, the connection between the two artists continues: Liam Payne commented on the teasing video posted by Zayn, in which in a few seconds you can listen to what the new single should be, calling it already great.

Zayn’s response was not long in coming, and the subsequent response from Liam, who invited his friend to check private messages.

Here is the exchange of messages between the two artists on Instagram:

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