Lido Chronicles: the words of the main characters and other events


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The stars and directors of the third day of the festival talk about the films and the atmosphere that brought them to the Lido.

Emma immediately jumped into work, I started talking to her about the film while we were filming Favourite. She was in awe of this character and wanted to see him updated as much as possible. Since then, I have kept her informed of all events: with whom, where and how she will work. It also helped his acting as the idea for the character had been in his head for a long time. And when the time came, she was ready. He learned everything.

(Yorgos LanthimosDirector Poor thingsabout the main character Emma Stone)

It was interesting to give life to a person focused on one goal and ready to do anything to achieve it. He is a man who wants to be a part of what he hates. I think it’s a complex and very human story. Mykola Arcel (director) and I became friends ten years ago on the set of The Royal Affair. When we started this new project, we started from scratch and dived into history.

(Mads Mikkelsenmain character Bastarden)

I love the works of Roal Dahl, I grew up reading them and falling in love with them. I was lucky enough to know his family during the making of Mr. Fox, and even then I dreamed of directing an adaptation of Henry Sugar, which has always been my favorite of his stories.

(Wes AndersonDirector The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar)

This is not an easy country for a woman, moreover, she can be downright dangerous. The 1953 Montesi case was the moment when Italy lost its innocence and sympathy for the victim. It was an archetype: every time such events are repeated today, I again see the image of the corpse of Wilma Montesi.

(Xavier CostanzoDirector Finally dawn)

I wanted to talk about the emancipation of two brothers born from a sick, toxic, dysfunctional family. There are those who manage to emancipate immediately during their lifetime, there are, perhaps, those who emancipate at forty, fifty, there are those who never emancipate. It’s a difficult path.

(Michaela Ramazzottidirector and actress Happiness)

Lido is designing the future of our audiovisual equipment

There Venice Exhibition today offers a precious opportunity to gain insight into the future of the film and audiovisual industry. This is a day of meetings organized Audiovisual Italyfrom the network Italian cultureWITH’entertainment establishmentby name Future production. Formula chosen Silver Angel, President of Audiovisual Italiaeit’s from cultbuilt on short intervention modules. Membership at the highest level. Among others, exhibition director Alberto Barbera, Deputy Minister for Audiovisual Affairs Lucia Bergonzoni, President of the Commission for Culture of the Chamber Federico Mollicone, Nicola Borrelli of MIC, Rai Cinema executives Paolo Del Brocco, Medusa Giampaolo Letta of Cinecittà Nicola Maccanico, Anica President Francesco Rutelli and Benedetto Habib (President of the Anica Manufacturers Union), Gianluca Curti (CNA), Marina Marzotto (President of Agici), Chiara Sbaridja (President of APA), Manuela Cacchamani (President of the Union of Digital Publishers and Creators). Also scheduled are performances by Fondazione Ente dello Entertainment President Monsignor Davide Milani, Robert Bernocchi and Alberto Pasquale.

Golden Lion by Giorgio Armani. Mayor of Venice Brugnaro: “Award for a passionate entrepreneur and Italian know-how”

“This is an award that I personally wanted to recognize this man, his determination and great passion for beauty, which he was able to turn into a successful company, a symbol of “Made in Italy” in the world,” explains Mayor Luigi Brugnaro “The delivery of the golden lion, forged in Murano’s glass furnaces, is a sincere tribute to the entire World Heritage-listed city.” Giorgio Armani commented as follows: “This award is a source of joy and emotion for me: an important recognition of my work, which I am happy to receive in the year of the 80th festival on the occasion of One Night Only Venice, an event that I decided to organize this event as a tribute to the city, with whom I have been closely associated for many years. An extraordinary personality, an icon of Italian fashion in the world, as well as a stylist with a strong connection with cinema and, above all, with Venice, where in 1990 his relationship with the film festival was born: the film “Made in Milan” was presented in a preview. with a big party on the Giudecca. And precisely in order to consolidate this wonderful connection with Venice, the Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, today, Friday, September 1st, presented Giorgio Armani with the Murano Glass Golden Lion. Recognition of an individual and a brand with an international dimension, a strong approach to sustainability, the company’s central role in creating shared value. Italian know-how rooted in this territory, in the crafts and work of artisans, weavers, tailors and dressers, to interpret it in a new way and make it a universal reference. Armani has created the world’s leading group in the fashion and luxury sector, maintaining a direct link between the company and the founder and maintaining the original matrix on a global scale.

Five films for Europe

Five films nominated for the award Prize LUX a public that promotes the values ​​of the European Union through the evocative power of cinema. This is the most important European film award.

Venice 80 – woman

Studio Catalysts famous women of the Venice Film Festival at an aperitif on the terrace of the Biennale. Among them are also Mariette Rissenbeck, director of the Berlinale, Amanda Toni, Laura Delli Colli, Giulia Rosa D’Amico, Bela Padilla.

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