“Lies, harassment …”: Karine Le Marchand at war against Cyril Hanouna, the host of TPMP explains himself


For a few weeks now, Cyril Hanouna and Karine Le Marchand have been at war. A complicated situation for the host who decided to burst the abscess live.

A war about to end? Not sure, but a truce doesn’t seem so far away though. It must be said that this conflict happened like a hair in the soup for Cyril Hanouna.

On December 16, columnist Jean-Michel Maire directly attacked the presenter of L’amour est dans le pré following his intervention at the Champs Elysées clinic. Indeed, the latter had affirmed on the set of TPMP that Karine Le Marchand had left the clinic by refusing to pay the service “As for all VIPs, the management gave him a reduction of roughly 30% in exchange for a small photo She takes care of herself and when leaving, she says: ” I am Karine Le Marchand, I am certainly not going to pay, see that with the boss” while judging the hostess “capricious”. An assertion denied by the main interested party who immediately published on her Instagram account the remarks of the general manager of the clinic attesting to the false nature of the ”  words used by Jean-Michel Maire  “, with the caption of the host ”  Verified, Lies, harassment… No comment… ”.

A few words which then took on a much more important dimension when the management of M6 decided to react with the publication of a press release on the channel’s official Twitter account two days later. Writings defending Karine Le Marchand and announcing restrictive measures against Touche not at my post. Following that, Cyril Hanouna wanted to minimize the situation by explaining himself on Twitter too, ” We must not forget that TPMP is a program which judges the broadcasts and we are often more tender with M6 than with C8 But know that I don’t blame you and really there is much more serious in the life at the moment. Happy end of the year M6 and long live the darka “.

So, to start the year 2021 on the right path, Cyril Hanouna wished to raise this subject once again live on the TPMP set this Thursday, January 7. Friend of Stéphane Plaza, the two animators regularly communicate, ” You know what, I think he lives with Karine Le Marchand so kiss her for the New Year too”. Before specifying to his chroniclers that ” Stéphane, it pisses him off that Karine and I are angry and he keeps telling me ” … Would this be the first step towards peace for the troublemaker?