Lies, mistrust and psychosexual dilemmas

What to do if your spouse is suspected of infidelity? There are no easy answers as these situations can be extremely complex. When experienced gynecologist Katherine finds a suspicious photo of her husband David (a college professor) with a young student in his class, her world comes to a standstill. From the very beginning, Catherine’s perception of David is coded in a hyper-specific way: she considers him older, but charmingly handsome and clearly attractive to the young women around him. David’s tendency to flirt doesn’t help matters and Catherine, instead of confronting him, sets her sights on a sex worker named Chloe to catch him red-handed.

While this may seem like a ploy to further the conspiracy, it is not difficult to understand Catherine’s preference for gathering evidence of her husband’s apparent infidelity rather than having an honest conversation with David. What’s interesting is how Katherine looks at every other woman around her before learning of this supposed betrayal: one of her clients feels miserable because she can’t reach orgasm, and Katherine plays it down as a muscle contraction while maintaining an air of cold detachment that almost conveys this attitude. that women’s sexual satisfaction does not matter. All of her friends are portrayed as somehow inferior to her, while women who arbitrarily frequent public places or those she perceives as encroaching on her home (such as her teenage son Michael’s girlfriend, Anna ), are treated with disdain. quiet rage and contempt.

However, Chloe, whom Katherine observes while the former meets with her fashionable clients in upscale bars, stands as an anomaly among her established perceptions of women as inferior to herself or as direct threats to her from a psychosexual point of view.

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