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Hugh Grant was born on September 9, 1960 in London., son of a teacher and army captain, later manager of a carpet company and a watercolor artist in his spare time; while studying English Literature at Oxford’s New College, Hugh he joins the Oxford University Dramatic Society and begins to take part in their theatrical productions.and he does his thing too film debut (financed by the same company), called THAT privileged (1982), which tells the story of a group of Oxford students preparing for a theatrical performance.

The first years between the small and big screen

Since the second half of the 80s it appears in episodes of various TV series and films, mostly costume stories: war jenny (1985), set during World War II, Race to the Pole (1985), a biographical film about the explorers who went to the South Pole, Until next time (1989) with Courteney Cox, There Bella and the bandit (1988), seventeenth-century court intrigue.
In the cinema, however the turning point comes with the film Maurice (1987), a homosexual love story based on the novel of the same name by E. M. Forster and directed by James Ivory, starring Hugh Grant alongside fellow protagonist James Wilby was awarded the Volpi Cup at the Venice Film Festival..
Biographical film follows White offense (1987), then the role of the famous poet Lord Byron in Spanish Rowing in wind (1988), horror Lair of the White Serpent (1988), initially a flop but then a cult classic, historical drama Irish (1988) with Anthony Hopkins, Big man (1990) with Liam Neeson, Chopin love my (1991), as the famous Polish pianist, erotic thriller Gall moon (1992), directed by Roman Polanski, then reunited with James Ivory to huge success What’s left of the day (1993), based on the novel of the same name by Kazuo Ishiguro, which was nominated for eight Academy Awards, and continues the costume dramas with Restoration-The sin and punishment (1995), along with others, Robert Downey Jr. and Meg Ryan The Englishman who climbed the hill and came down the mountain (1995) and A terribly difficult adventure (1995) with Alan Rickman. He also stars in a German horror film directed by Italian director Carlo U. Quinterio. Venice Express (1993), a film which Grant himself later called the worst he had ever acted in.

The success of romantic comedies

Hugh Grant’s great fame is inevitably associated with romantic comedy genre, being the interpreter of some of the undisputed classics of the genre, still highly quoted and much loved by the public; there is, in particular two names with which Grant has collaborated several times and which have consolidated their status in this sector: the first is Richard Curtis, an English screenwriter and director., who wrote the film in the early ’90s inspired by his experiences as a guest at friends’ weddings, and after much hesitation because he initially thought he was too attractive for the role, was convinced to cast Hugh Grant as the title character. main character; we are talking, of course, about Four weddings and a funeral (1994), a film that even today is considered one of the prototypes of the ideal romantic comedy and which, somewhat surprisingly, achieved huge commercial success internationally, as well as receiving two Oscar nominations.

Grant received a Golden Globe and a BAFTA Award for his role, as well as other awards., and finds official initiation as a global star, establishing himself in what will become a recurring character for him, the young romantic, a little clumsy and clumsy, especially captivating female audiences. Curtis wrote the script himself noting Hill (1999), a romantic comedy in which Grant plays a shy, down-on-his-luck bookseller who miraculously wins the heart of mega-movie star Julia Roberts; Upon release, the film became the highest-grossing English film in history, was also critically acclaimed and earned Hugh a Golden Globe nomination. Curtis is also among the screenwriters Diary of Bridget Jones (2001) and its sequel, What a mess Bridget Jones! (2004), based on the hugely popular best-selling novel by Helen Fielding, starring Renée Zellweger; Hugh Grant is cast as Daniel Cleaver, Bridget’s charming but unreliable boss, although after the first two films he refuses to appear in the third installment. Bridget Jones’s baby. Grant is one of many actors credited for Curtis’ directorial debut. Real love (2003), a Christmas ensemble comedy that has become a holiday classic.

Another director and screenwriter with whom Hugh often collaborated is The New Yorker. Mark Lawrence, for whom he starred in several romantic comedies.beginning with Two weeks notice – Two weeks to fall in love (2002), starring opposite Sandra Bullock; should Write me a song (2007), in which Grant, as a declining ’80s pop star, also tries his hand at singing, interpreting some irresistible dance-pop songs. Collaboration with Lawrence continues. What happened to the Morgans? (2009), stars Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker as a couple in crisis who enter a witness protection program, which, however, achieves modest results, like subsequent ones Professor of Love (2014), in which Grant is a film screenwriter in professional crisis who returns to work as a college teacher.

The works of Jane Austen can also be considered the costumed predecessors of rom-coms, and Hugh Grant is one of the main characters Reason and feeling (1995), based on the novel of the same name by the famous writer, in the role of shy Edward Ferrars; among other comedies in which he took part, we remember Nine months – Unexpected events Love (1995) with Julianne Moore, his first leading role in an American film, a crime comedy. Mickey blue eyes (1999)e Bad criminals (2000) and About boy boy (2002), based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Nick Hornby, is not a romantic comedy in the strict sense of the word, as it focuses more on the friendship between his character and a very young Nicholas Hoult, but was a success with audiences and critics, who also received another nomination at the Golden Globes.

Villain roles and the darkest twist

It seems that in the very last stage of his career, Grant wants to have more fun exploring his dark side, often playing characters who, if not true villains, are at least ambiguous and unreliable; in terms of comedy we remember his actor Phoenix Buchanan in Paddington 2 (2017) (one of the films with the highest average reviews in history), or a collaboration with director Guy Ritchie, who after Operation UNCLE (2015) continues crime comedies Gentlemen (2019)e Operation Fortune (2023). For Cloud Atlas (2012), the Wachowski sisters’ ambitious sci-fi film puts itself to the test with six characters spanning different eras, most recently seen as a double Forge Fitzwilliam in Transposition Dungeons & Dragons: Honor of Thieves (2023).

And especially on the small screenHowever, in recent years, Hugh Grant has played darker stories: the miniseries A very English scandal (2018) is based on a real news case and features politician Jeremy Thorpe involved in a murder trial in the 1970s; it follows Cancel said (2020), a mini-series with great public success in which he stars alongside Nicole Kidman, a thriller in which he plays the role of an authoritative oncologist with a seemingly ideal life, but who actually hides more than one secret, role, for which he was nominated for various awards.

Where will we see Hugh Grant again?

In cinemas, Hugh Grant is expected in a new incarnation of the role of Oompa-Loompa in Wonkaprequel to There chocolate Factory which will tell the story of the youth of the famous chocolatier, created by Roald Dahl, who this time will have the face of Timothée Chalamet; then Grant will be among the actors in the film Unfrosted: The History of Pop-Tart, which, led by famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld, will tell the story of the birth of the most famous snacks released by Kellogg’s in the 1960s. However, television announced his presence in a promising mini-series. ModeThe cast also includes Kate Winslet, Andrea Riseborough and Matthias Schoenaerts: Hugh Grant will play the leader of the opposition in a fictional autocracy in Central Europe.

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