Life in Menorca all year round. This house in the port of Mahon shows an impeccable play of volumes, heights and colors | Architectural Digest of Italy

Characteristic features of the house are the green painted wood of the centerpiece, the cedar handles in the kitchen, the cedar and stainless steel island, the dressers with wheels in the bathrooms, and the boat-shaped iron and wood railings.© José Evia

Spacious living spaces

The project is independent house With five bedrooms AND spacious living areas, parking, swimming pool, terraces and outdoor garden areas, since it cannot be said that the house has one large continuous garden. The project is organized in such a way that the main part of the house, which can be accessed from the upper level, is in an accessible form, i.e. without steps, solved in a complete residential concept.

House of 321 sq. m consists of several collected volumes, forming a broken whole, resembling traditional buildings of the island Balearic Islands. Each volume contains a unique and independent room whose faceted geometry plays with multiple 30º angles to create strong geometric analogy between different rooms despite their uniqueness. One of these volumes gains unexpected notoriety for its green-glazed material and location in the heart of the house. “This dynamic energy is attracting more and more social action taking place in dining room-Kitchenstomach Cal l’Oscell: we cook, we chat, we drink together, we get together… The living room, on the contrary, distances itself from this bustle and tries to isolate itself around the fire and the window overlooking the port in the distance. “.

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