“Life is zero without you”, the comedian and actress Florence Foresti devastated and inconsolable after the disappearance of her sidekick …


The disappearance of producer Cyril Colbeau-Justin on November 7 at the age of 50, continues to hurt Florence Foresti …

“Even if I knew he had to leave, I’m devastated. He was my friend. He was a great producer. Cyril Colbeau Justin. I kiss you where you are,” Dominique Farrugia wrote on Instagram after to have learned of his disappearance. The producer, who won a César in 2014 for the film Guillaume and the boys, at the table !, was extremely popular with French actors.

He leaves behind him, moreover, an inconsolable Florence Foresti. “I predicted, life is zero without you,” she wrote on January 11, on the same social network, captioning a photo of her by his side.

The main interested party, followed by more than 1.2 million subscribers, fortunately could count on the support of her many fans who did not fail to leave her kind messages, thus trying to comfort her.

“Full of strength and courage Florence. We love you very much”, “When life goes on, it is because we must continue to transmit … So, continue … To smile … To laugh .. . Because nobody wants to see his sad loved ones here below or beyond “,” They are never far away you have to look in the sky and everywhere “,” Full of sweet thoughts, forever in your heart “, can we say indeed read here and there in the comments.