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To make energy bills cheap on the coast, a miracle has to happen. Some people have foolproof tricks, especially the many housewives who are experts in saving at home in Cartagena.

What would happen to a house without a washing machine? Especially in hot cities, you will sweat and get your clothes dirty very quickly. It’s one of the most widely used appliances in your home, and it’s also one of the most power-hungry. Today we will teach you some tips to save electricity bills when washing clothes. Also Read: Icfes Test: Here Is The Score You Need To Apply For Scholarships

While it doesn’t look like it, the refrigerator uses less energy at 0.06 kWh, which equates to 46.37 Colombian pesos, but it is advisable not to open it too often.

recommended time

It turns out that it’s totally beneficial to use the washing machine between midnight and 8 am, when other appliances in the home are less used.

According to the La República portal, this will save 10% in energy consumption compared to previous months, which means a reduction in bills.

put these suggestions into practice

– More electricity can be saved if full load is washed in cold water.

– If you’re not in a hurry, drying your clothes in the sun is much better, especially in a city like Cartagena. Not only will your clothes smell better compared to electric drying, but you’ll also save money.

– If possible, avoid using an electric dryer as it consumes a lot of electricity. Just for your information, its use may consume 5.60 kWh of energy, or about 4,362 COP per hour. Also read: Tips for keeping your house cool even without air conditioning

– The annual maintenance of the washing machine is essential to ensure its efficiency; if it is not done, the energy consumed will be more due to the great effort required by the machine, in addition, the machine will cause damage and its spare parts may be very expensive expensive.

How much energy does a washing machine use per cycle?

According to engineer Óscar Chevarría, a 15 kg washing machine consumes the following energy in kilowatts per hour (kWh) during the different washing stages:

Normal wash, cold water and two rinses: 0.20 kWh.

Normal wash, 40 °C water and two rinses: 0.70 kWh.

Normal wash, 40°C, two rinses and dry: 2.50 kWh.

Normal wash, very soiled laundry or hygiene wash, 90°C water and two rinses: 1.50 kWh.

Normal wash 2 garments, 40 °C water with 2 rinses: 0.40 kWh.

1 hour dry only: 2.20 kWh.

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