Like a Sensual Kitten, Daniella CHávez Surprises Her Fans and Wears a Spectacular Cleavage

Daniella Chavez.

The beautiful Chilean model has posted sexy videos on her new TikTok account, gaining acceptance from her millions of fans

Daniella Chávez does not stop surprising her followers on Instagram, and now she appeared as a sensual kitten, wearing a spectacular neckline and a headband with ears, playing at licking her hands and dancing to the rhythm of the hit “Say so” by Doja Cat.

Recently the beautiful Chilean model answered a question from her fans about how she decided to pose in sexy photos: “The photos are taken by my boyfriend. If he does not care, no one has to care, and they are only photos, or when actresses do sex scenes or kissing are they bitches? “No” Why are they not judged? Why did they study for that? The photos are the same: one pose and then life goes on, we don’t floss on the street! “

Daniella Chávez has had several profiles on Instagram, and a few weeks ago she expressed her point of view about censorship in a long text that she published: “Every day social networks censoring more and more! There is no longer a free expression of any kind! Now it only works for companies or labels that pay to have likes and followers! The rest were limited to all! In t1k.t0k they already censored me and I did nothing! There are videos that show everything and there they are as if nothing! “

The blonde also addressed both her haters and the people who have been in charge of reporting her posts: “Instead of reporting, take care of yourself, do something for yourself and let the rest live! Look at that criticizing or denouncing you. I will not be a better person, I will not lose weight, and less will make me shine less! While I keep shining you He continues without getting ahead, because he is worried about the other when he should be worried only about you ”.


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