Like The Little Mermaid! Kim Kardashian and the bikini she wore to welcome her to the summer

It is nothing new that the star and entrepreneur,Kim Kardashian show your curves on social networks, because, in fact, your followers are used to seeing her show as she is, but this time she did it in a different way. The 40-year-old model, showed off his tanned skin to welcome the summer in a peculiar way, by sharing a photograph in which she appears swimming like a mermaid, or so kris Jenner says, because she commented on her post in the form of praise, telling her that she looked like “The Little Mermaid“.

Kim Kardashian welcomes you to summer swimming in beautiful bikini

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Kim Kardashian welcomes you to summer swimming in beautiful bikini

Discovery’s program account, “Shark Week“, where they talk about things related to sharks in documentary form was also noted, referencing the plot of their show.

The post quickly garnered a lot of likes, as in just a few minutes, celebrities like Norvina, daughter of Anastasia; owner of the brand “Anastasia Beverly Hills” and Normani, former member of the women’s group, Fifth Harmony left their likes in photography.

kim appears swimming under water with a black bikini which, while it might seem common and very simple to be the billionaire, certainly looked much better than everyone would think.

After the photo was taken, kim shared a tweet clarifying that she is no mermaid, as she needs the air, as much as the air needs her, letting it be known that she had returned to the surface as usual.

Later, she shared photographs showing what can be done when the hair and air come together, because accompanied by an incredible outfit that she wears like pajamas, a top, white trousers and slippers, he shared a series of photographs in which he continued to show his curves and let it be known that he was in a rather welcoming atmosphere.


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