Like those of Messenger: the details of the new “States” function launched by Instagram

First were the stories and then the Reels, two formats that Instagram adopted within its platform to keep it updated and competitive against other platforms such as TikTok, the Asian giant. And it can be said that its most recent addition revived an option that was available in Messenger, Microsoft’s old messaging service.

It is about the “State”, a section that the Meta photography social network allows you to complete with a message that will be visible on your profile, related to your mood or what you are doing at the time you set it up.

Instagram continues to incorporate tools for interaction between its users.

“Define a status for 24 hours so that others know what you are doing”says Instagram when introducing the feature. It also clarifies that only the followers you also follow will be able to see the statuses. This means that, in a way, the display of the message will be limited to the followers with whom you have a closer link.

How to put a status on Instagram

To configure a status you must enter Instagram, click on your profile photo in the lower right corner and touch Define a status. The application will provide you with some suggested options such as “Happy”, “Busy”, “Working” or “Celebrating”.

It also offers the ability to set a custom status, in which the user takes advantage of the limited space to leave a message to which emojis and symbols can be added.

Once configured, your status will be shown to your followers (also followed) under your name on your profile, in the chat window and under your photo in the Stories circles. If one of these users is visiting your profile, they can tap on it to reply directly and generate a conversation with you immediately.

The new function began to be deployed without prior announcement and some users already have it available, so after a few weeks it should be available to everyone who uses the social network.

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